Industrial Invasion


Large industrial complexes located at the edge of town don’t hurt deer.
Neither do shopping malls nestled in a country setting.

What hurts the deer is the loss of habitat by these sprawling, megalithic structures.

Acually, the deer can get by just fine with the loss of a few
acres to an important industry which provides for the local community.
However, sportsmen should be vigilant to make sure that any new
structure does not remove critical deer habitat that could have an
adverse impact on the local deer herd. For instance, a mall that is
planned for a 10 acre site in a large tract of oak forest probably
won’t hurt the deer herd a bit. But what if plans call for a mall to be
located in bottom land that greens up early and has provided
nourishment for winter weakened deer for many years?

That’s a cause for concern. Consequently, the local deer
hunting club should become involved in any industrial plans that
eliminate certain habitat and may have tremendous impact on the deer


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