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As the weather changes, so does your game. As an experienced
hunter, patience is a virtue and a Kestrel
Pocket Weather Meter
can help you be sure your patience pays off. It’s
important to take all environmental factors into account when lining up the
perfect shot. Temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, crosswind, and wind
direction all need to be carefully observed if you want to be successful in targeting
your prey.


When it comes to hunting down
your prey, the elements of nature largely affect animal behavior. Wind speed,
for instance, directly correlates with how well they hear
and smell. As the velocity of the wind increases, so do the chances your prey will
stay put. Temperature influences the animals’ comfort and will restrict their
activity if it’s too cold or warm. A barometric pressure reading can also help
dictate whether or not animals are on the move.

When bow hunting, you need to be even more precise about
your shot because you’re far more likely to encounter wind drift than with
other methods. The Kestrel meter is an ideal tool for this because it
calculates the exact crosswind with respect to a target direction, an
invaluable measurement to have when reading the wind.

Regardless of what type of weapon you decide to use to catch
your next meal, it’s important to observe and monitor the weather. A Kestrel Pocket Weather Tracker can track weather trends and give you current
conditions to plan when and where to hunt.



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