Hunting Tactics – General Overview


tactics1.jpgEvery student of whitetail deer behavior knows that the deers’ world is much more complex than we see during the hunt. Rutting whitetails have a very complicated series of instincts and behavior that have only recently come to light, and with this enlightenment has come several special rut tactics. Some of these are proven, while others are still in the experimental stage and more controversial.

A hunter can further improve his chances for success and have a lot of fun doing it, by employing some of these special rut tactics such as rattling antlers to simulate two bucks fighting, or grunt calling to simulate the soft call made by bucks in full rut. Some of the more enterprising sportsmen even use a lifesize deer decoy to lure a dominant buck into charging forward to rout the brazen imp who would dare invade his domain. Another unique tactic that is the latest craze is to create mock scrapes and rubs to entice traveling bucks into investigating them. These are some of the more unusual special tactics that can add a bit of spice to both your enjoyment of the hunt and possibly even your chances for success.


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