Hunting Tactics – Decoys


85.jpgDecoying deer is a relatively new tactic that has shown some promise. Hunters have reported that some bucks lay back their ears and attack a buck decoy (or try to breed a fake doe). On the other hand, other hunters have reported that a buck was coming in until it spotted a decoy and quickly bounded away. That seems to be the way with decoys-all or nothing.

You can use a buck decoy to challenge a rutting buck, or a fake doe to appeal to a buck’s mating instinct. Often a buck decoy is used as a visual attractant when rattling or grunt calling. Some of the newer buck decoys are very life-like, complete with antlers and even a mechanical tail that flickers.

If you use a doe decoy, set a liberal amount of doe-in-heat urine nearby. But don’t spray the decoy with the smelly stuff because you’ll have to handle it later.

The jury is still out on decoying whitetail bucks. There have been some success stories, but many sportsmen don’t feel it’s worth the extra effort to lug a life-size deer decoy all over the woods.


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