How to Bond


bonding1.jpgBonding is creating the trusting, loving ties between the puppy and his owner(s) that last a lifetime. The reason bonding is so important is because it is the first step in the direction of successful training. When a puppy or dog bonds with a human, a special relationship is created, making him feel like a part of the family. When he is secure in the knowledge that the people around him love him and he is a part of their “pack”, he will respond to training with eagerness and willingness. bonding2.jpgBonding is mutual love, and with this comes respect and trust. When you each have this for each other, training can be easy. The puppy will look forward to training sessions from people he loves and people who love him. Training is also made easier with bonding because it fosters the dog’s natural desire to please someone he loves.

bonding3.jpgBonding should take place with every person in the family. This will help solidify and confirm the dog’s knowledge that everywhere he turns or anyone he turns to will love him, care for him and treat him kindly. Bonding is so important for training that it is extremely hard to do without. Bonding will provide the basic foundation for a well trained obedient dog.



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