Handgun Safety


All firearms are dangerous in the wrong hands. Because of this it is
imperative that we not only practice good gun safety ourselves but also
to anyone else that might come into contact with a firearm.
All firearms should be locked in a secure and childproof place.
Children should be educated from little on about firearms and the
respect for them that is needed.
Trigger locks should be used with the key in your possession out of the
reach of any child in the home.

Always practice safe loading procedures. Firearms
should not be loaded until after you leave your
vehicle to go hunting or target shooting. Always
unload your firearm before you enter your vehicle
at the end of the day. By exercising good safe
shooting habits your outings with your pistol
will provide you with many hours of enjoyment
and sport. Proper respect for all firearms should
be practiced and handed down to others whenever


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