Handgun Calibers for Deer Hunting


Most calibers used for
taking deer are large bore and can carry a hefty amount of recoil. The
.357 mag is the starting caliber for deer and is considered by many to
be marginal.

.44 mag is good medicine for whitetails and
will quickly and humanely kill the animal.
This caliber carries a big kick and a big bang
that can adversely affect accuracy unless the
shooter practices a lot. A good rest with both
hands on the grip will help greatly in getting
good shots off with this caliber. Some hunters
choose to compromise and go with the .41 magnum
that comes close to the power of the .44 mag
but without as much recoil.

Thomson Contender is a great hunting handgun.
It breaks open and loads at the breach and
can be fitted with a number of interchangeable
barrels in calibers that are great for taking

contender is a single shot handgun but the
comfort of shooting it greatly increases the
accuracy making one shot often all that is
needed. The secret to hand gunning deer is
to pick a caliber that will quickly and humanely
take the deer down, is capable of being handled
well, and then practice, practice, practice,
using a solid rest whenever possible.


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