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Elk hunting may be fun and exciting, but the chore of preparing for an elk hunt is serious business. The average hunter who has taken a few deer must not only totally re-outfit himself, but he must also re-think the way he will pursue this enormous wilderness animal.

Unlike the simplistic nature of a deer hunt, when a hunter can shoot his game, drag it out, and be home for lunch; elk hunting is a mighty struggle of man against nature that takes proper preparation in order to insure his hunt to be both trouble free and successful. In fact, the success and enjoyment of an elk hunt may hinge on as simple an item as footwear. If you bring along smooth soled boots suited for gentle woodlots, the rugged western terrain will literally peel the blistered hide off your feet.

Choosing a state, region and side hill where your dream hunt for elk will take place also requires thorough preparation. It is a daunting task for the average hunter to discover that the western elk country stretches over millions of acres of habitat, but not all is prim habitat where the elk will be found. Careful research and preparation are the keys to finding that big bull in his backcountry lair.

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But for most sportsmen, mental preparation is the single most important factor to any successful elk hunt. It is the epitome of sport hunting: a man embarks on a journey into an unknown wilderness to seek and test his woodsmanship against one of the most awesome wilderness beasts in the world; man against beast in its purest form. In the end, the true sportsman realizes that it is the process of the hunt that strengthens his inner mettle, as he searches within himself for the fortitude and, yes, even courage to take up the bow or gun and face the elements and the harsh land. To say nothing of the half-ton of rut-crazed bull elk charging forward, searching – and he’s searching for you!

Men who have taken up the challenge of the elk hunt have been changed for life. No longer are they content to hunt a single hundred pound deer in a back woodlot. They dream of the crisp high country mountain air, the haunting echo of the bull elk’s bugle, and that awakening of the dormant hunting instinct that all men of grit possess. With proper preparation, every hunt for elk, trophy or not, will become permanently etched in the heart, mind and soul of the true hunter, to be relived in his mind at any time, in any place.


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