Elk Habitat – Rain Forest


The Roosevelt elk inhabits the Coastal Mountain Range along the coast of the Pacific Ocean in California, Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. This is a dense tangle of huge, moss covered trees and impenetrable tangles of blackberry and alder brush. It’s a dark, damp environment that is inhospitable to humans, but the elk love it.

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With 120 inches of rain annually, there is always a profusion of brush for elk feed, and water is everywhere. In areas where logging projects have opened up the dense forest, grass and new brush flourish, and the elk quickly seek out these areas because they are the only places where the dark mature forest allows enough sun for grass to grow.

When spring and summer rains pour down daily, some Roosevelt elk move to the upper reaches of the mountains where there ends to be a bit less brush and they can dry out a bit. But for the most part the Roosevelt elk that inhabit the rain forests live a secluded life tunneled into dense forest and tangles of brush where only an elk would find comfort.


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