Deer Hunting With Bow and Arrow


62.jpgArchery hunting is called the ultimate challenge because the sportsman purposely limits himself with the short-range bow and arrow. Instead of a gun ending a hunt when a distant deer is seen, the bowhunter’s challenge has just begun. An archer must use his woodsmanship and wile to either stalk within 30 yards of a deer or wait until it tips into bow range. The adrenaline rush is incredible as a big buck slowly, finally, saunters within good killing range. Even when a buck is close, harvest is not a sure thing. The exaggerated movements to pick up and draw a bow, plus many intangibles like a swirling wind, work against the archer. Then there are the whitetail’s acute senses, which are magnified at extremely close range. More often than not deer escape unharmed, but most archery hunters shrug it off with a grin. Certainly the challenge of the hunt and the excitement of a point-blank encounter with a buck are the driving forces that make folks pick up their bows and head for the deer woods.

Word has gotten around about the excitement. Of the roughly 16 million hunters in America, some 11 million people hunt deer and more than 3 million of those use a bow. In fact, bow and arrow hunting for whitetails is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports. Most states offer archery-only seasons that open in September or October, before gun hunters spook and shoot deer. You can literally double your fun in the woods by archery hunting in early fall, and then gun hunting later.


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