Deer Anatomy – Nose


How awesome is the whitetail’s nose? Studies have found that deer are 4,000 to 10,000 times more sensitive to odors that humans are. Scientists note that deer have millions of tiny receptors in their wet noses, and they use them to differentiate up to 6 smells at one time. Like birds dogs, deer smell best on cool, damp days.

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The whitetail relies on its keen sense of smell year-round. Deer sniff out the best foods. They whiff each other’s scent during the breeding season. For example, a buck sniffs a doe’s urine to tell if she’s about to come into estrus. Bucks and does keep track of one another by sniffing rubbed trees and scrapes with “licking branches”.

Deer depend on their noses to survive, sniffing out coyotes, hunters and other predators. Biologists say that a spooked deer emits an unfavorable odor through glands on its body. Nearby deer smell the stink and go on red-alert for danger.


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