Butchering A Whitetail Deer


Butchering a deer properly can be a tedious and time consuming task, but it is well worth the effort.  By following these easy steps you too can butcher your own animal the way you like it and start enjoying your harvest as soon as possible.


First, cut the carass in half starting at the pelvis and working forward.

Note the cuts on the above diagram – dotted lines represent major cuts, wheras solid lines represent secondary cuts.  Repeat all cuts on both sides of your animal.


Cut haunch from loin…


Cut rump from haunch – be sure to make the cut straight because this will determine the angle cuts for round steaks.


Cut steaks to your personal thickness preference…..


…toward the joint, the meat is typically tough which makes it perfect for stew meat!…


Now for the front of your deer – cut the entire foreles off where the shoulder meets the body.

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Separate the shoulder from the shank as close to the join as possible.


Use the shank for chop meat.  Most butchers will divide the shoulder in two for pot roasts or stew meat.


The best way to utilize the neck meat is for stews or chops.


Cuts away from spine, then separate chuck from the loin.

Loins can be cut into chops however thick you like.  The cuts start with a knife and are completed with a bone saw.  They should resemble lamb chops when finished.  Many people like to keep the loins full, but the choice is yours.


Cut chuck into two equal portions so the cooking chore is manageable unless you’re feeding half an army of hunters or hungry family members.  Make a clean cut to free the ribs from their grizzly outer meat then separate the ribs with a sharp knife.


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