Bowhunting Safety


You would think that a weapon with only a 40-yard max range would be relatively safe. But archery-related injuries and even deaths are reported each fall. One problem is that bowhunters wear head-to-toe camouflage. When obscured by brush, an archer hunting from the ground runs the risk of being mistaken for game by another hunter. If you see a hunter approaching your concealed position, whistle softly to alert him. A whistle usually won’t spook nearby deer.



Falls from tree stands are by far the greatest source of archery-related injuries and deaths. A hunter who climbs 15 to 25 feet above ground runs the risk of falling unless he is extremely careful. Wear a climbing belt as you climb up or down a tree. Buckle into a stand with a heavy-duty belt or chest harness. Always be careful climbing and wear a safety harness!

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Carelessly handled broadheads can slice to the bone and ruin a hunt. Use a broadhead wrench, not your fingers, to attach and tighten hunting heads to arrows. Also, keep broadhead- tipped arrows safely in a quiver until you’re in a stand and ready.


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