BowHunter2015 – The Most Realistic Bow Hunting Simulation Ever on Mobile Devices


Cary, NC – iEntertainment
Network Inc.
) announces the eminent release of IENT’s new mobile
simulation game, BowHunter2015,
for iOS and Android mobile devices scheduled for March 15, 2015. 
Interested Outdoor Industry Professionals and Enthusiasts can get an early beta
version of the game in exchange for one page of recommendations after the Beta
play on how testers would suggest IENT improve the product for full
release.  Sign up for the Beta release at the

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BowHunter2015 is the most realistic hunting game ever to come to Mobile Android
and iOS devices. View a recent One Shot Stalking Kill Hunt from
BowHunter2015 here:

Unlike many of the hunting games on the market today, the BowHunter2015
simulation allows players to stalk in a large, realistic 3D environment, or hunt
from treestands for whitetail deer in various regions of the United States,
delivering the feel of real life hunting scenarios that outdoor enthusiasts
have yet to experience. Users will have to defeat the keen senses of the
animals to have success. The simulation contains over 160 hunts, with
increasing difficulty, requiring better and better equipment, techniques, and
hunting expertise. 

Deer in the sight-580.jpg

of BowHunter2015 also offers outdoor
product companies the opportunity to place their outdoor products (bows,
arrows, optics, camouflage, etc.), in accurate simulations of their products
capabilities and attributes for sale in the ProShop for tens of millions of
positive impressions to millions of potential customers.

BowHunter2015 will be updated monthly with new hunts, new challenges, new
weapons, and new animals to hunt every month after release for six months. IENT
is developing two other Outdoors Mobile Action Simulation Games for late 2015,
a rifle hunting game and a fishing game.  For more information, go to or email [email protected].

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