Advantages and Disadvantages of Rifle Hunting


Ease of use and good accuracy and knockdown power: Those are the biggest advantages of centerfire rifles. Most deer hunters avoid the hassle of reloading and simply purchase a box of factory loads at a sporting goods store. In today’s hectic world, it’s sometimes nice to know that your high-powered deer rig is sighted-in and stored in the closet. You need only put a few rounds through the gun to make sure it’s still on target before the deer opener.

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After years of killing bucks with rifles, some hunters begin to feel that it is too easy. So they turn to using primitive weapons, namely muzzleloaders or bows.

Many hunters never get comfortable with their rifles. This is generally because they choose too potent a caliber, like a .30-caliber magnum. The rifle’s recoil and noise bother them. Consequently, these hunters don’t practice enough to become good shots.


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