Campbell Outdoor Challenge Doe #1

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Date: 11/12/2007
Reviews:   4.25 out of 5 with 17 votes
Filed under: team huntingnet
Description: The first day of our 5 1/2 day hunt with Campbell Illinois Whitetails found Christine Appleberg with the opportunity to harvest her first deer on film, and put Team on the board early.
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Community Feedback
wellbags  5 Stars
Re: Campbell Outdoor Challenge Doe #1
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bowhuntva16  4 Stars
Re: Campbell Outdoor Challenge Doe #1
"very clean shot but if you lower the poundage and change the way you draw back you will have a beter advantage at not spooking the deer away"

Back 40 Tree Rat  4 Stars
Re: Campbell Outdoor Challenge Doe #1
"Great job on the video! Maybe back down your bow's poundage a little bit, but great shot none the less!"

mobow  4 Stars
Re: Campbell Outdoor Challenge Doe #1
"Nice job you two! Great video, and congrats again on the win!! You made up proud."

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