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WORKING ONE DUCK-Duck hunters sometimes make the mistake of trying to call to a whole flock of ducks. To be more successful, watch the lead bird in the flock and pretend it’s the only one up there. If your calling can fool that duck the rest will most often follow.
Having trouble locating squirrels. Try looking for tails blowing in the wind off of branches. This often will give away a well hidden squirrel.
Never look straight into the deer's eyes. If you can see them, they can see you.
Commercial powdered silicon arrow treatment will waterproof your feather-fletched arrows even in heavy rain. To keep yourself dry if a sudden rainstorm develops, carry a thin poncho in your pocket or backpack to form a temporary shelter until the storm passes.
Scouting is just as important in waterfowl hunting as it is in deer hunting. Find the sloughs, potholes and marshes where the birds are most concentrated during the mid-day. This is a great location for a morning hunt. Feeding areas are best located by driving back roads and watching for circling ducks and geese. Generally, the birds will leave their loafing areas to feed in agricultural fields in the evening.
Carry Super Glue for emergency first aid for cuts. Clean the blood from the skin, close the wound and then apply a thin coat of the glue. It will harden immediately and keep the wound closed.
Never sit in a tree that is thinner than you. This causes a very sudden break in the landscape that the deer will easily notice.
BEWARE OF THICK GLOVES-Big, thick gloves are a lifesaver in cold, harsh weather, but be careful when shooting with heavy gloves. Often the size of your trigger finger in the glove is so big that premature discharge occurs when your finger enters the trigger guard. You may have to remove your glove to shoot safely.

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