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Try to use attractant scents to your advantage. If you hunt in an area where it is predominantly corn fields, use a corn scent. If you hunt in areas with heavy apple trees, use an apple scent. Since these are some of deers' preferred foods, they are lured in by the scents. This works exceptionally well in preseason when the deer are storing food and building up fat for winter. I have been using this technique for two years and it has proven itself over and over to me-by attracting some of the largest bucks that I have ever seen. If you tailor scents to match the habitat you spend a lot of time hunting in, you will be rewarded.
After washing your hunting clothes in unscented detergent and drying them, always place them in a sealed plastic bag until you will be wearing them.
If a big buck spots you at your stand site, relocate that stand to a new spot at your earliest opportunity. Mature deer often will avoid spots where they’ve had a previous bad experience.
If you run out of cover when jump-shooting ducks don’t simply stand up to flush the birds. Take a good grip on your gun and rush forward. Often it takes relaxed ducks several seconds to realize what’s happening and get airborne giving you time to gain precious yards.
The upper canine teeth of an elk are ivory and prized as jewelry. Many sportsmen have an elk ivory ring made as a remembrance of a successful hunt.
Geese usually shy away from fencelines, ditches, woods and brushpiles. Geese know that these areas tend to attract predators, so keep your decoys in open areas.
No matter the actual temperature, cold comes in two forms: tolerable or intolerable. The difference, as I just mentioned, has little to do with the temperature. It does, however, have everything to do with the hunter's gear. Here's a few items to bring along to ensure your venture into the minus side of the thermometer is a tolerable one: Bring a small wheelbarrow inner tube along. Use this to sit on, it insulates your rear end better than any foam seat can. Take hand and foot warmers, the disposable HOT HANDS variety made in Georgia, tel: (800) 432-8629, are the best I've found. The best boots on the market are made by Northern Outfitters in Utah, tel: (800) 944-9276. They're not made for walking, but they'll turn God's own refrigerator into a sauna.
To keep the deer you’re hunting from patterning your activities, try staggering the times you walk into and out of your hunting areas. Also, avoid hunting from the same stand site two days in a row.

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