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Plan to bring a treestand with you on your western elk archery hunt. A treestand works well when hunting a wallow or major game trail.
When observing whitetail bucks during the late summer period remember to keep a safe distance between you and the animals you’re watching. Though it may not appear so, mature bucks are sensitive to human contact at this time of year.
Even with a good dog some ducks are occasionally lost if you don’t take measures to insure recovery. Shoot wounded birds on the water just as soon as they drop. Just make sure the wounded duck is well away from the dog when you shoot. Don’t assume the dog will catch it. Many ducks will dive and grab vegetation on the bottom rather than be caught by the dog.
When spotted by a deer while bowhunting in a treestand, close your eyes to slits because a deer equates eye contact with predation. The deer will then often feel safe and continue on, offering you a shot.
When you are choosing a new waterfowl hunting coat it is equally important to also select the right camouflage pattern. Most of the standard brown, black, gray, and green shades are too dark to effectively cancel you in the marshes with their straw colored faded vegetation. Mossy Oak Shadow Grass pattern is the most effective that I have used for wildfowling.
If a buck you are tracking becomes aware of your presence, he will run ahead to a pocket of cover and then watch his back trail for you before going out the other side. You can often fool a buck by circling a patch of cover and ambushing the buck when he slips out the back side of the cover.
Begin photographing wildlife in your backyard. Start with birds and squirrels around feeders. Work on your technique. Learn from your bad as well as good shots. Practice on large mammals at a zoo.
Weather has a clear effect on the white-tailed deer rut timing and intensity. Cold, cloudy weather can trigger an earlier rut with increased buck activity while warm weather can delay the rut and slow down buck movement.

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