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To keep a chain-type treestand from slipping on a smooth barked tree, screw in a tree step below the chain on the backside of the tree. To keep your treestand from being stolen, use a combination lock to secure the chain to the stand.
Having trouble locating squirrels. Try looking for tails blowing in the wind off of branches. This often will give away a well hidden squirrel.
When you are shopping for a new bow sight with fiber optics, the durability of the fiber-optic pins becomes one of the greatest concerns. You should look for a sight that has the fiber enclosed to prevent damage and breakage.
Want to wake up the dominant buck in your area? Try making a mock scrape. To do this simply rake and gouge out a circle on the ground below a low hanging branch. Hang a tarsal gland from the branch and sprinkle dominant buck urine in the scrape. Locate the scrape ideally fairly close such as fifty yards from a scrape that he is using. This will send him the message that another buck is in town. This may cause him to visit his scrapes more often and this will increase shot opportunities for you.
When it comes to trying to call in mature whitetails, more isn’t better. Rattling antlers and grunt calls should be used sparingly—and they should be put away once a big buck is headed your way.
Squeeze lemon juice on your fish cleaning board periodically to keep it smelling fresh.
Scouting is just as important in waterfowl hunting as it is in deer hunting. Find the sloughs, potholes and marshes where the birds are most concentrated during the mid-day. This is a great location for a morning hunt. Feeding areas are best located by driving back roads and watching for circling ducks and geese. Generally, the birds will leave their loafing areas to feed in agricultural fields in the evening.
Mark a quick and easy route to your treestand for twilight and dusk hours.

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