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The upper canine teeth of an elk are ivory and prized as jewelry. Many sportsmen have an elk ivory ring made as a remembrance of a successful hunt.
Wind should determine when you hunt your favorite spot. Always have more than one stand to choose from so you don't hunt your favorite spot during undesirable hunting conditions.
The best hunts these days are generally not the "purchase the tag over the counter" variety that hunters have become so used to in decades past. The best hunts now-a-days are often the "limited entry" type where the hunter has to submit an application to a drawing process months in advance of the hunt. These limited entry hunts may be the best, but they can be as complicated to apply for and understand as anti-trust tax law. Do yourself a favor and write or phone Garth Carter. Garth owns "Hunting Services, Inc." tel: (435) 386-1020, and publishes "The Huntin' Fool's Guide to Western Big Game Hunting," a newsletter that will lead you by the hand through the complicated process of applying for limited entry hunting tags.
Buy bigger sized camouflage clothes for hunting during the winter months. This allows you to layer your clothes.
If you like friction calls, try one of the one handed push button models like Knight & Hale’s new Lonesome Hen. It minimizes movement, makes great sounds and lets you get to the gun easily.
DRY FEET ARE WARM FEET - Rubber boots not only keep your feet dry from the outside, they quite often keep your feet damp from the inside. If your boots cause your feet to perspire, that dampness can cause your feet to get cold. Take along an extra pair of dry socks and change into them at mid day-dry feet are warm feet.
Bear bait can consist of anything edible. However, bears prefer beef tallow (fat). Many bear hunters avoid the mess of putrid bait by using waste grease from restaurants and pouring it over dog food.
Have you ever questioned whether or not to go hunting on a rainy day? Many people that I have spoken to do not go hunting at these times-they are missing out!! I have seen many large bucks during these conditions. Like all wildlife, deer can sense a change in the weather long before we can. This is why it is also very productive to hunt right before a storm. Deer change their bedding areas and eat before, during, and after a storm. I like to position myself between bedding areas during these stormy conditions

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