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In all the years that I've been guiding and outfitting, no hunter has ever come into my camp and told me, "What I'd really like is to shoot a small bear." It's never happened and it never will. This is in spite of the fact that black bears are the toughest big game animal to judge. Here's a couple helpful hints: 1) Mature boars have more massively developed front shoulders and their wrists are about as thick as their feet. Not so with sows. 2) Mature boars have ears that will appear wide apart. If the bear's ears stick straight up like a German Shepherd, don't shoot unless you want a bearskin place mat instead of a rug.
RABBITS UNDER PRESSURE-If the old cottontail you last fried was tough and stringy, try this approach. Put your bunny pieces in a pressure cooker for about 10 minutes, then fry them as usual. The meat will be tender, flavorful and will melt in your mouth.
Shoot with the slowest speed film possible. I recommend an ISO speed of no more than 100. The slower the film, the sharper, more grain-free the resulting image.
A black bear's size is often difficult to determine from a distance. Use these criteria to judge whether a bear is a mature adult or a sub adult: A sub adult's legs will appear long because its body is so small. A mature bear's head will appear small because its body is so large.
Want to clean that bore of your rifle or shotgun quickly and effectively. Simply use a product called a bore snake. It will be a bit difficult to get started down the bore at first, but once it is started pulling it through is fairly easy and it will leave your bore looking brand new.
The coffin blind is an excellent alternative to the traditional pit blind when field shooting. They can be constructed easily using aluminum tubing and chicken wire. They should be about eight to 10 inches high, two feet wide and about 6 ½ feet long with an open bottom. Construct a hinged swinging door that permits you to sit up to shoot. Weave local vegetation into the chicken wire for concealment.
If you don’t have one already, check out the new bow sights with fiber optic pins. They’re great in low light conditions during dawn and dusk. The Montana Black Gold is a tough, well made model to look at. However, check your local hunting regulations before hunting with any fiber-optic equipment, because some states don’t allow it.
ONLY THE SHADOW KNOWS - Most bow hunters know how to set their stands to keep the wind in their favor. Sunlight should also be considered. Where your shadow falls in relationship to where you expect the deer to be matters. The movement of your shadow as you draw your arrow can spook the deer.

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