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When field shooting without a pit blind a closed-cell foam pad is the perfect barrier between yourself and the cold ground. They are available in several colors. White is perfect when hunting in snow and black will work under most other conditions. Closed cell foam is waterproof and warm.
To avoid flinching when you shoot your rifle install a recoil butt pad. Another option is to have the muzzle magnaported, a process which cuts slots into the side of the barrel about an inch from the end, which allows recoil-gathering gases to escape.
Always camouflage your face, hands and other exposed areas. Even if you wear a face mask, use face paint around the eyes.
Don’t make the asssumption that big bucks will use the same feeding areas in September and October that they used in July and August. Deer feeding preferences can change dramatically from late summer to early fall.
When spotted by a deer while bowhunting in a treestand, close your eyes to slits because a deer equates eye contact with predation. The deer will then often feel safe and continue on, offering you a shot.
Want to keep your hands warm but not sacrifice your trigger finger dexterity. Try the ragg wool gloves that are mittens and can be folded back to expose your fingers allowing full use of the trigger finger.
Antelope are much smaller than deer. A mature buck usually weighs about 90 pounds. This smaller size often makes a shooter overestimate the range of a distant buck. Always carry a rangefinder when expecting long range shooting at open country game such as antelope.
Always carry a spare knife in the field. If you lose your primary knife while field dressing an animal, the spare knife will save the day. Also, you can put an edge back on a dull knife by using a smooth stone lying on the ground nearby.

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