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If an elk responds to your bugle but won't come all the way in to your calling, try sneaking close to his position on the downwind side and then bugling. Elk are territorial. A bull that was content to answer a distant competitor may stomp forward to rout an adversary that suddenly calls from nearby.
In calm conditions walk cautiously. Since deer cannot use their scent to their utmost advantage in this weather, sound plays its most important role to the deer.
The herd bull with all the cows is the most impressive trophy, but the hardest to get within range of because he usually moves his harem of cows away from an advancing bugling bowhunter. Try to get between the herd bull and his cows if you want to get the herd bull to come in to your bugling.
Elks have heavy shoulder bones, and an archer's arrow will not penetrate through the thick shoulder blade. But since an elk's lungs extend about 14 inches behind the shoulder, a bowhunter should aim about six inches behind the shoulder line to insure a safe lung hit, while missing the shoulder bone.
When the bulls won't come in to a bugle, try cow calling. This imitation of a cow's greeting call will often bring a bull in when bugling fails.
Geese usually shy away from fencelines, ditches, woods and brushpiles. Geese know that these areas tend to attract predators, so keep your decoys in open areas.
A small hook filed into the blade of each boat paddle makes picking up decoys much easier and safer. Use the oar or paddle to hook the decoy line and haul it in.
To keep a chain-type treestand from slipping on a smooth barked tree, screw in a tree step below the chain on the backside of the tree. To keep your treestand from being stolen, use a combination lock to secure the chain to the stand.

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