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Need to camouflage your gun, but don’t want to paint it? Try 3-D Leafy camo tape from Underbrush. It works great, stays put, but removes when you want it to without damaging your gun finish.
If you find a hunting website that interests you and it has a dash (-) within its name, don’t ignore it! You usually won’t get to your Internet destination if you fail to type it exactly the way it’s spelled.
When you are shopping for a new bow sight with fiber optics, the durability of the fiber-optic pins becomes one of the greatest concerns. You should look for a sight that has the fiber enclosed to prevent damage and breakage.
While a shoulder shot will put most deer down, try behind the shoulder through the ribs. This spoils less meat and makes a good killing shot.
Elks are tough to kill with a bow and arrow. Make sure you have a broadside shot at 30 yards or less before you shoot, and always wait a half hour for the bull to lay down and die.
During windy and wet weather hunt in pine forests. The deer take cover there in inclement weather.
Make sure your rest provides enough fletching clearance for good arrow flight. If it doesn't it may affect tuning.
A tip that has been working well for me is one that I picked up from a friend, Tom Ship, of Rosehill Plantation. He recommended that hunters hang a paper towel from a branch about 15 to 20 yards from their stand. This causes the deer's attention to focus on the towel giving you a chance to draw and pull the trigger. I also recommend spraying scent on the paper towel. This will make them even more distracted.

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