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When driving deer don't drive a particular area too often. The deer usually don't slip back to that area for a few days, so it's best to drive an area about every four or five days. Try to drive the area differently every time to keep the deer from becoming aware of your positions.
You can make a great blind covering from chicken wire and the leaves of standing corn. The leaves fade out to the same color and consistency as cattails, rushes and marsh grass but are much more durable and easy to work with.
To avoid flinching when you shoot your rifle install a recoil butt pad. Another option is to have the muzzle magnaported, a process which cuts slots into the side of the barrel about an inch from the end, which allows recoil-gathering gases to escape.
Practice shooting, both bow and gun, year round. It is true that practice makes perfect.
When photographing afield always carry along plenty of spare camera batteries. Many of the newer camera bodies shut down completely without battery power. In cold weather put the batteries in an inside pocket to keep them warm.
Elk have keen noses. Always hunt with the wind in your face. Test the wind by using powdered talc. Another way is to wet the tip of your finger and raise it above your head. The side that feels cold is the side where the wind is coming from.
DRY FEET ARE WARM FEET - Rubber boots not only keep your feet dry from the outside, they quite often keep your feet damp from the inside. If your boots cause your feet to perspire, that dampness can cause your feet to get cold. Take along an extra pair of dry socks and change into them at mid day-dry feet are warm feet.
Eliminate fletching contact by rotating the nock or going to a less aggressive helical.

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