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To find out when a bear is visiting a bait site, set up a commercial timing device at the main trail being used by the bear. These timing devices are inexpensive. They consist of a digital clock timer and string stretched across the trail. When the bear breaks the stringline, the clock stops, and you'll know exactly when the bear visited the bait site.
Using sexual lures before pre-rut and rut is very unnatural. They can actually scare deer away. During the early seasons whitetails are in a reclusive feeding mode. Any lure used during this period must be a non-sexual attractant.
To avoid flinching when you shoot your rifle install a recoil butt pad. Another option is to have the muzzle magnaported, a process which cuts slots into the side of the barrel about an inch from the end, which allows recoil-gathering gases to escape.
When muzzleloading always be conscious of the need for a second shot. Have a pre-measured vial of powder, bullet and cap tucked into an accessible pocket. Experienced muzzleloaders can reload in about 30 seconds.
PREVENT RUST ON BROADHEADS-Packing your arrows around in their quiver all season can have harmful effects on some broadheads. Rust can form on some broadhead surfaces after exposure to the elements. Coat your points with petroleum jelly. It is odorless and will keep moisture away from your cutting edges.
Over-calling is one of the biggest mistakes hunters make. Less calling is almost always better than pouring on too much. Be patient and let that tom come looking for where he last heard the hen (you).
Do you use a decoy? If you use scent along with your decoy don’t spray the scent directly on the decoy, but instead place a sponge in a sealed plastic jar with scent applied to it. When hunting simply pull the sponge out of the jar and place it on the ground under the rear portion of the decoy, and when you are through simply place the sponge back in the bottle. Change of scent and sponge are recommended periodically.
The ultimate camo test: Here’s a great way to find out if your stand locations really allow you to blend in. Dress in your favorite camouflage and gather all of your gear. Have your hunting buddy grab a video camera and go with you to one of your favorite stands. Get set up in the stand just like you would if you were going to hunt. Now have your buddy walk all the way around your location, constantly filming you from all angles. Have him film you from close range and from 50 yards out. Have him film you doing all the things you do when preparing for the shot, such as drawing your bow. Now go home and put it on your TV and turn the color off (put the TV on monochrome setting). You’ll be shocked by what you see - amazed by how visible you are from certain angles, and by how little movement it takes to catch the eye. Learn from these things - this is what a whitetail deer sees when it looks up at you! Let us know what you learn from this test.

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