Taking Care Of Your Camo

Different types of fabric require different care:

Cotton - Camo of this type fades easily, but washing it with a half a cup of vinegar will help keep the colors strong. (Washing it again with a non-scent detergent immediately afterward will eradicate the vinegar smell.)

Polyester - These are very resistant to fading, but as with cottons, washing it inside out in cold water will help keep it that way. Again, similar to cotton camos, machine drying on the lowest settings is a must. (It will melt, otherwise.)

Wool - These have a natural tendency to reject dirt due to the oily fibers, so you shouldn't have to wash camos of this type too often. Brushing it with a hard-bristled brush or running it under tap water should be able to take out most stains, but if this isn't enough, hand washing with a very small amount of soap or baking soda, usually only a cap-full, should get it clean again. Line-dry when finished.

Scent-Absorbing - Lined with charcoal, these camos are cleaned best when put in the dryer and tumbled on high for close to 45 minutes. If this doesn't work, though, as a last resort you can wash lightly in cold water to remove stubborn stains.

There are many types of scent-eliminating clothing wash on today's market that work well with all types of clothing.  However, be sure to consult the instructions first before using these products.  If the directions are unclear, try testing the wash out on a small corner of fabric in order to ensure there are no negative effects.

And remember - it's best to line-dry all camos and spray with scent eliminator before they're fully dry. (This allows the eliminator to fully penetrate the fibers and set in for a stronger effect.) Seal them in dry plastic bags, carbon-lined bags, or plastic tubs when dry.

Proper care of your camouflage will help ensure that it last through many hunting seasons.

If you have any helpful tips on camo care that you want to share with us, email webmaster@huntingnet.com .

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