Real Deer Hunting Game Released

Sunstorm Interactive Inc. the founder of the hunting game genre and the developer of the hit game Deer Hunter proudly announces the release of their first hunting game for the iPhone platform. Building on the style and knowledge of over 50+ value games and hunting simulations, Real Deer Hunting provides the most realistic hunting experience available on the App Store for less than $1.00!


Real Deer Hunting tests players' skill, patience, and persistence as they find themselves in realistic locations, using all the tools of the trade to bring in and bag that elusive monster buck.  Playing the game is an incredible experience that closely simulates real-life hunting where you'll need the same techniques and feel the same thrills as on opening day of deer season!  Unmatched graphics and sounds, realistic deer behavior, rain and snow effects, use of rattling antlers or a buck grunt call will satisfy even the most diehard hunter.  


The game also features:


*Selection of weapons: a shotgun, rifle with scope, and compound bow

*Choose from 16 different hunt stands in Texas or Indiana

*Binoculars with variable zoom and range finder to spot deer in the distance

*Camera to document every trip and share those photos with friends over email.

*Hunting statistics to track progress and establish bragging rights!

*Trophy room where you can view10 different deer trophies in stunning detail

*Brag about your trophies!  Send the trophies to your friends over email ' proof you are a skilled hunter!


"As the developers of the original Deer Hunter, we're excited to bring a realistic simulation of deer hunting to the iPhone and iPod audience. From casual gamers to hardcore hunters, Real Deer Hunting provides an amazing and immersive gameplay experience. This is just the first in a series of hunting games and a small part of our catalog of up and coming iPhone games." - said Anthony Campiti, president and founder of Sunstorm Interactive Inc. 


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