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The all new Digital Ranger features a 6.0 mega pixel Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera that can be removed from the unit to capture those post hunt trophy shots. A built in flash that extends photo range to 20 feet is combined with legendary CamTrakker performance and reliability to bring you a great digital scouting camera at a reasonable price. Utilizing C-Cell alkaline batteries or Rechargeable Lead Acid Batteries , dependable CamTrakker passive infrared technology, and fast trigger speeds this camera proves yet again why CamTrakker has been the #1 name in scouting cameras for over 20 years.

  • 6.0 Megapixels
  • No additional purchases necessary - ready to go out of the box!
  • Camouflaged with NaturalGear®

Phone Number: 800-654-8498

Now you can video tape your own hunt with the help of the Pine Ridge Archery Pro-Bow-Cam camera & bow support. Now you have the opportunity to review your shot placement immediately making tracking easier.

  • Comes complete with pan & tilt head for 360 degree motion
  • Attaches to the tree with (2) 5ft. straps (no damage to the tree).
  • Rubber coated

Phone Number: (877) 746-7434

Big Game Hunters...a must have for those seeking that trophy rack. The Worlds Only Electronic Calculating Big Game Scoring Tool will help you determine your score for any of the major scoring systems.

  • Measures
  • Calculates
  • Displays Scores

Phone Number: 701-983-4213

HunterCam® Camera Mounting System, Inc. was founded on the simple idea to create a sturdy and lightweight camera mount for the hunter who loves to make video. We design and build the absolute best camera arms made for the video inclined sportsman. Period! The HunterCam Cradle HD is perfect for the semi-pro videographer who is interested in taking the next step in video production. This camera support has the extra stability and versatility you need to support larger cameras and accessories.

  • Perfect for Semi-Pro cameras such as the Canon GL2
  • Extra stable for superior video quality
  • Proudly made in the USA

Phone Number: 1-888-486-8226

Capture all the activity at your hunting site in 4.0-megapixel photos or 10-second video clips, then view the photos or video clips on the built-in 2" color screen. StealthCam's Burst Mode feature captures up to three sequential pictures or 10 seconds of video every time motion is detected and stamps them with time and date. Programmable from 1 to 60 minutes between motion activation. 25-ft. passive infrared sensor picks up heat and movement in your area.

  • 50 foot flash
  • 32 MB built-in memory
  • LCD Color Monitor

Phone Number: 877-269-8490

Leaf River Digital Game Cameras include a high resolution 2.1 Mega-Pixel digital camera designed specifically for the demands of the application. The Mossy Oak Break-Up™ camouflaged housing is gasket sealed and includes a steel security bracket and steel mounting bracket (locks not included) which provide several optional methods of mounting and security. The internal memory of 16 MB can store up to 50 pictures or hundreds of pictures can be stored on Compact / flash cards, depending on the size of the card purchased. Choose day, night or 24 hour digital still pictures or three seconds to 90 seconds of daytime digital video clips.

  • Oversized flash for increased range
  • Includes mounting strap and secure steel bar
  • Quickshot mode for fast follow-up photos

Phone Number: 866-775-5351

Fully-featured, 6.0 megapixel, auto-flash digital game camera by Moultrie. The M-60 includes a built-in viewer, remote control and finder, one-second trigger time, 150-day battery life, pass code protection and more

  • 6.0 Megapixels
  • 1.5" built-in color viewer
  • Up to 150 days of battery life

Phone Number: 800-653-3334

This great kit from Campbell Cameras features everything you need to get started with professionally filming your own hunts. Included are a Canon GL2 camer kit, shoulder mount, 5 tapes, extended life battery, camera bag, and more!

  • Canon GL2 provides broadcast quality footage.
  • Water resitant bag protects your investment.
  • Kit inludes everything you need to get started!

Phone Number: 1-877-384-3337

The Predator Evolution only uses 24 IR emitters which makes this the most energy efficient Trailcam system on the market and don't forget the PREDATOR has NO VISIBLE LIGHT so the camera can literally be mounted right on top of the target to be captured. The V-Lock Design securely anchors camera to tree or post. V-Lock insert allows easy mounting to stakes or metal posts for areas without trees, food plots and hill sides.

  • The Predator Evolutions has Hyper Sonic 0.15 tenths of a second trigger speed.
  • The Predator Angle Mounting system allows angle adjustment for those crooked trees any angle any size you name it
  • Predator Evolution will lock on to it !

Phone Number: 715-893-5001

Moultrie’s new camera PowerPanel provides an “extra gas tank” for your game cameras, and extends battery life to previously unheard of lengths. The PowerPanel ensures a continued power source for game cameras by using innovative software to combine a solar panel and built-in 12-volt battery. This is not a solar charger, but instead provides solar power to keep the internal 12-volt battery charged and take the place of your usual camera batteries, allowing them to remain charged.

  • Power Panel is compatible with Moultrie 2007 and later Game Spy
  • digital
  • trail cameras.

Phone Number: 1-800-653-3334


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