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Oak Creek designs and hand braids high quality leather lanyards, leads, collars and more. All are made in Oregon of fine kangaroo leather lace , which is known for its exceptional tensile strength and suppleness. Training and hunting whistle and call combinations are available in 15 colors that can be combined and customized for almost endless possibilities. Many styles to fit your needs (wheelchair use, call collectors, training, showing and specific hunting uses).

  • Nickel-plated swivel/snaps for whistles, solid brass hardware for leads, nylon core, and coated with raw bees wax for a finished look

Phone Number: (503) 364-5040

“Gear the Way You’d Design It”®. That’s not just some marketing mumbo-jumbo written by a bunch of suits. See, we’re the same obsessed dog lovers and hunters as you and your partners. Like you, we spend every possible second in the field or crouched behind a blind. Like you, we respect the tradition and we believe in conservation. Gear the way you’d design because we could be the one walking the prairie with you or searching the sky in the blind beside you. SportDOG Brand® manufactures a complete line of electronic dog training products: e-collars, bark-control collars, beeper/locators and in-ground fencing. Brands include FieldTrainer®, SportHunter®, WetlandHunter®, ProHunter®, UplandHunter®, HoundHunter®, YardTrainer and NoBark. We also offer a complete line of professional-grade training accessories for field and hunting dogs, including collars, leads, dummies, whistles and more. Train with confidence, because at SportDOG Brand we promise to make “Gear the Way You’d Design It®.” Visit our web site ( for training tips and articles, and to learn more about our new SportDOG Conservation Fund®, and stay up-to-date on the latest SportDOG Brand news by following us on Facebook.

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Topper models by Crow River are built to your specifications in multiple hole configurations. These units are built with safety and comfort for your hunting companion in mind. All welded construction inside and out provide worry free maintenance for the years ahead as compared to riveted models. Units can be built to mount on any size vehicle.

  • Units can be built to mount on any
  • size
  • vehicle

Phone Number: 800-230-4023

Royden Leather Belts have been hand crafted in Pennsylvania since 1947. Several of the early tools used to hand craft the leather are still used in making the fine sporting leather belts for men and women.

  • Top grain leather
  • Solid brass belt buckles
  • Authentic 12-gauge cartridge caps

Phone Number: 800-588-5292

The ultimate in protection from Razorback Outfitters. These full hog dog cutvests and collars are made from triple layered ballistic nylon that is sewn in an open layered design to allow the vest layers to wrinkle making it much harder for a tusk to cut. This unique design will offer your dog years of protection. Added reflective strips allow for increased visibility when hunting at night. Fitted first with full velcro closures and then buckle straps for the perfect fit. Notice the extended length on the vest to protect the rear gut area, but tailored on the bottom to allow room for male dogs. The high neck area still allows for the Cut Collar to be worn, but comes up much higher than most vests made today.

  • No other vest
  • and collar will offer so many features at
  • such great prices.

Phone Number: 407.405.5621

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