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Years of research have gone into developing a complete Mock Scrape Kit, with TRUE ODOR GLAND SCENT COMMUNICATORS - pre-orbital, tarsal and interdigital glands. Through a very special process we were able to capture the true essence needed to fool even the smartest of whitetail bucks. Our TRUE ODOR GLAND SCENT COMMUNICATORS have unlimited shelf life and an extremely low evaporation rate. What does that mean? .... Simple, they are working, emitting the necessary odor communicators from your mock scrap 24 hours a day! Only at Kishels Scents & Lures will you find such quality. Visit our "How to Make a Mock Scrape" page or visit our website to view all of our Hunting & Trapping Scents.

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Harmon's has been serving the needs of hunters for 25 years all over the United States. The founder of Harmon's, William D. Harmon is a native of Georgia, where he majored in Chemistry and minored in Business at the University of Georgia. Mr. Harmon has been hunting for over 50 years and has logged hundreds of hours hunting whitetail deer, turkeys, ducks, doves, bears, hogs and the like. The deer are raised in the mid-South but the re-population of deer into the South, that started in the late 60s and early 70s, came primarily from Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Nebraska deer. Therefore, ALL the deer are North American Whitetail. The same food eaten by deer in the Northeast, the North, the South, and Southwest are so similar that Harmon's Deer Scents will work on ALL deer across the entire country.

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A wind direction detector with a special kick. Product allows you to not only determine the direction of the slightest breeze but will also help draw in a trophy. Available in:

  • Unscented powder only.
  • Unscented powder blended with freeze-dried bull elk urine.
  • Unscented powder blended with freeze-dried whitetail estrus urine.

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The all natural big game and deer lure for any season, any weather, and any location.

  • Draws deer in close because they actually crave the sweet smell.
  • Powerfully masks human scent.
  • Attracts deer, bear and elk.

Phone Number: 616-696-4261

TUFF TUSK Wild Hog Attractant is a unique "SOUR MASH" formula developed by Razorback Outfitters, Inc. For years avid hog hunters have used the little known secret of attracting hogs over long distances by the use of fermented corn. Now you too can carry that same powerful odor into the woods without all the hassle. TUFF TUSK comes in a handy 2oz. misting bottle that allows you to cleanly distribute the scent on surrounding trees and shrubs.

  • Lightweight bottle is easy to carry and store
  • Odor gets more potent as it begins to dry
  • Great for trappers on the move

Phone Number: 407-405-5621

The Buck Roar™ is the most effective deer call since "THE CAN®". The "Roar" sounds like a deep, resonating growl that is made by aggressive bucks during the rut. Bucks make this "Roaring" sound when their testerone levels are through the roof. Whether the rut is in full swing or just beginning, bucks will make the "Roar" when they are trying to get an Estrus™ doe to stop or warn other bucks to get away from a 'hot' doe. The Buck Roar™ is made from rubber so that it makes no sound if you happen to bump it on something while you are in your deer stand. In addition to making the 'Roaring' sound bucks make during the rut, this call also make perfect grunts and the snort-wheeze. This call also comes with a 30 minute instructional mini DVD.

  • Strap for mounting to your wrist or arm
  • Makes perfect grunts
  • Snort-Wheeze. The Snort-Wheeze is mounted to the top of the call and is low profile but is LOUD.

Phone Number: 601-879-9323

New for 2007 Hunter's Specialties has developed Scent-A-Way Spray Advanced Formula, the most advanced odor elimination and prevention product ever. The new powerful, fast-acting formula works by neutralizing, oxidizing, bonding, and molecularly changing a wide range of odors on clothing and equipment. It is available in all the popular Scent-A-Way Spray sizes from 12-64 ounces.

  • All natural, safe, and environmentally friendly
  • Won't stain or fade clothing
  • Available in unscented, fresh Earth, and acorn scents

Phone Number: (319) 395-0321

One of the most versatile calls ever created, the new Inhale/Exhale call from M.A.D. allows you to create an infinite number of grunts and bleats without the hassle of mutlipe calls. Simple inhale to bleat and exhale to grunt, then flip it over and inhale to grunt, exhale to bleat. A center tuning hole allows the user to alter grunts and bleats on the fly.

  • Center tuning hole allows user to alter
  • Produces amazingly realistic calling
  • Includes an instructional DVD produced by

Phone Number: 800.232.3474

e3 Odor Terminator Field Spray contains the newest patent-pending Nanozyme tech-nology that prevents and terminates a broader spectrum of odor molecules, including human, smoke, gas, and all other contaminant odors. It’s the last line of defense against any alarming contaminant scent a hunter may acquire before and during the hunt.

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Prevents and terminates human odors
  • Nano-technology eliminates even the smallest odor molecules

Phone Number: 888-486-8339

24SEVEN Scent Enhancer granules are a patented 100% natural, proprietary formula designed to mix and supercharge any liquid scent converting it to a granular form. This will make any scent work better and last longer. 24SEVEN Scent Enhancer granules can be mixed with any liquid scents such as: Deer, Elk, Moose, Bear, Predator, Estrus, Urine, Cover, Food, Curiosity, etc.

  • Convert 1/2 oz of liquid scent to 10 oz. of granular scent
  • Allows any scent to work better and last longer
  • Also available in Dominant Buck, Doe Estrous, and more!

Phone Number: (888) 648-3718


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