Treestands/Ground Blinds

We manufacture two sizes of stands. The Crow's Nest, which is our largest one and the Little Crow, which is one-third the size. The Little Crow is still rated to hold 450 lbs. Both units are very portable and have a backpacking system built into the stand.

  • One of the largest portable stands at only 23 lbs.
  • Right and Left hand Bow or Gun plate mounts
  • Slip resistant grip on bars

Phone Number: 715-446-2281

Sometimes your best option is the ugliest tree in the woods. And when it is, you’ll appreciate the ALPHA Hang On’s self-leveling seat and platform to conform to the situation. For added convenience, use the Hang On’s E-Z Hang Hook System. Or, for a sure fit in the most awkward trees, use the Offset Bracket and Versa button fastening system. This is the strongest, lightest, and quietest hang-on treestand you will ever own. 350 lb rating. Includes TMA approved safety harness. Fits trees 4" - 24" in diameter

  • Just 12.5 pounds!
  • Huge 30” x 19.5” one-piece cast aluminum platform
  • New larger seat 14” x 14”, Height 20”. Custom 24" post available on request.

Phone Number: 309-691-9653

The unique design of the ProMag treestand with its combination shooting rail, bow rest, and multi-position backrest make it a versatile stand for both gun and bow hunting. All ProMag series treestands come equipped with the comfortable EasyGlide™ adjustable seat designed for custom comfort and two directional sitting (facing toward or away from the tree.)

  • Super Lightweight: Oversized seat and platform combined weight of 16lbs with an impressive 350lb weight limit!
  • Quiet: Interlock System™ seat and platform snap together without any bunjis or straps for a silent one piece carry.
  • Simple: Set-up time measured in seconds with the Easy in the Dark memory cable system.

Phone Number: 865-579-0210

Finally, a safety harness system that protects you where falls really occur – climbing up and down or getting in and out of your treestand. The key to the system is the FallGuy Retractor 20. The FallGuy Retractor 20 with 20 feet of stowed webbing is attached to the tree above your treestand and while you are still on the ground, you attach the Retractor 20 carbineer to your harness and climb the tree – it’s that simple. Should you slip at any time the Retractor 20 locks up nearly instantly stopping your fall! The Retractor 20 serves as your fall restraint system as you climb and as you hunt! The Retractor 20 is also sold separately so you can put one in every treestand. Undoubtedly, the best system available on the market – nothing else even comes close!

  • FallGuy Retractor 20 - Real Fall Protection
  • State-of-the-art Vest & Harness
  • TMA Tested and Approved

Phone Number: 866-477-6723

Whether your favorite tree's got a case of the kinks or there's a cluster of cottonwood that's not taking a liking to your ladder; pick up a three-pack of Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks, weighing in at just 7.5 pounds, and you'll quickly and quietly climb your way to 16 feet.

  • Sticks interlock for easy transportation.
  • 350-pound weight rating
  • Legal on all state hunting grounds

Phone Number: 309-691-9653

The E/Z Up Treestand Pulley System from Pine Ridge Archery makes hanging your fixed-position treestands safer and easier. The E/Z Up Treestand Pulley System allows you to haul your stand into position and tie it off so you have both hands free to work on securing it to your tree. Includes a 5 foot mounting strap for the pulley and base, and a 50 foot rope to reach those high stand locations.

  • Safe and easy treestand hanging
  • 5 foot mounting strap
  • 50 foot rope

Phone Number: (877) 746-7434

The Viper SS from Summit is the latest in the long and successful Viper line and it packs all of the latest innovations. Proven SummitLokt construction mechanically “locks” the stand together, and a tough, powder coat finish is added to the welded aluminum frame, now with Summit Skin technology to give you a quiet stand even while you’re backpacking it into the woods. Mossy Oak’s New Break-Up on the comfort pads, custom-designed seat, and Summit Skin keep you hidden while staying comfortable. The Viper SS from Summit... all the tradition and trust plus the best new features in one complete package.

  • QuickDraw ™ trigger system is quick and quiet.
  • Stand only weighs 20 lbs
  • Weight limit 300 lbs

Phone Number: 256.353.0634

Made for the mobile hunter, the Darkwoods Blind, available in Realtree® and Advantage® patterns, is the most mobile one-man, hard-sided blind systems ever created. Changing locations in the field can now be accomplished quietly and easily. Roll the wheel carriage assembly under the blind, grab the handle and pull it where you want. Through dirt, grass, mud, snow, and brush it will go wherever you choose to pull it.

  • All blinds ready to hunt. No assembly required.
  • Never require help from others.
  • Change deer stand location within minutes, even while hunting

Phone Number: 405.520.6754

It starts at ground level, with an adjustable extruded aluminum ladder. The unique, dovetail joinery allows each of the four ladder sections to quietly slide apart for adjustable heights of 4, 8, 12, or 16 feet: When the hunt's done, just release the locks and slide them back into a stacked position for the pack out. Independently adjustable legs allow you to conform to uneven terrain. Top it off with a completely new oversized cast aluminum platform that will redefine your idea of hunting in comfort. Safe. Secure. SOLID. This is how Lone Wolf does a Ladder.

  • Ladder adjusts from 4 to 16 feet
  • New oversized platform
  • 350 lb weight rating

Phone Number: 309-691-WOLF

Tree Stand Buddy is a NEW innovative product that will revolutionize the tree stand industry! Tree Stand Buddy’s multi-dimensional features provide Affordability, as well as Added Safety and Comfort. Tree Stand Buddy SAVES MONEY – Safeguards against Theft and Vandalism; Protecting your tree stand from the weather means longer lasting, more durable equipment; AVOID unnecessary tree stand purchases; Use ONE hang-on tree stand with MULTIPLE tree brackets – Hunt from MORE locations. Tree Stand Buddy SAVES TIME – Faster, Easier and Quieter Setups and Installations allows for MORE hunting time. BUY NOW to guarantee your Tree Stand Buddy package for LESS THAN $50 per bracket ($99 per set)! Tree Stand Buddy’s benefits will make you a BETTER hunter.

Phone Number: (877) 987-2723


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