Watch as the Pro Staff from Briar Lakes take some of the biggest wild bucks ever captured on film. Experience the hunt as if you were there as you go over the shoulder with the Briar Lakes Hunting Team for world class whitetails from the cottonwood river bottoms of Oklahoma and Kansas to the sprawling brush country of South Texas with a sampling of forested heartland in between. Join Jack Brittingham and friends in the whitetail stand as they discover the thrills and disappointments of matching wits with America's most alluring and challenging big game animal.

  • 17 exciting hunts
  • Expert advice on field judging adult bucks for both age class and antler size.
  • Both Archery & Rifle hunts

Phone Number: 1-800-440-4515

Any serious whitetail hunter knows the hard work and dedication it takes to consistently put big whitetails on the ground. It was our goal to show the commitment we make in pursuing big bucks all around the country. From the fields of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin; we do all of our own scouting and stand set-up's, on both private and public lands. We show every aspect of the hunt, not just the few minutes leading up to the kill. As any die-hard hunter knows, when you are committed to shooting big bucks, the opportunities are few, and these moments are what we live for. The definition of a trophy is different for every hunter. To some it's any deer, to others it's nothing less than world class. Regardless of what you consider a trophy to be, as a serious hunter you realize it goes far beyond the kill....

  • 100% Self-Guided, Fair-Chase hunting - No outfitters!
  • Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, & Michigan hunting
  • 1 hour 45 minutes

Phone Number: 319-217-0885

Follow along if you dare with Mike Mueller in this action packed Life Threating DVD. Considered by many as the most ferocious and unpredictable animal in the world...Mike takes Wild Boar on with nothing more than a SPEAR! Most hunts take place within 4 - 5 feet! A must see video! that runs approx.

  • 1 hour and 52 minutes.
  • Over
  • 20 kills!

Phone Number: 407.405.5621

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