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Special Catalog And Seed Offer Description: Nature's Own catalog contains over one hundred seed choices for your habitat needs. Each species in the catalog is explained in detail as to its purpose, nutritive qualities and seeding rates and times. Our twenty page catalog also contains a helpful Habitat Selection Chart that will help ease the decisions of what to plant for your Enhanced Habitat Program. *Receive a sample bag of our Grazin Trophy Buck Mixture. This will allow you to plant a “Test Plot” on your property to evaluate the tremendous benefits this mixture has to offer.

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Trophy Wildlife Supplements guarantees more nutrients for deer and antler growth than any other product on the market. Formulated by a Ph.D. Ruminant Nutritionist with over 35 years of experience in the industry, Trophy Supplements offer over 30 guaranteed nutrients. Feed these supplements year ‘round to attract and grow healthy deer at your site. Trophy products have been proven to attract deer and help grow bigger and stronger antlers to make bigger bucks!

  • Every Trophy supplement weighs in at 25 lbs of minerals, giving you over twice as much exposure as other products and costs the same price!
  • Trophy Wildlife currently offers a pressed deer block, sweet lick molasses block and a ground mineral for whitetail deer – they are expected to release other supplements and nutrients for turkey and game over the next few years.
  • This is definitely a product you need to try out and a company you need to keep an eye on to offer the highest quality products on the market for a very competitive price. The best way to grow trophy deer is to feed them Trophy Supplements!

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This Grazin™ Trophy Buck mixture comes in 12 and 25 pound bags, with a seeding rate of 20-25 lbs per acre. A perennial mixture that has been specifically formulated to contain all the desired clovers for habitat cover and grazing needs of white tail deer. It contains White Dutch Clover, Ladino Clover, Medium Red Clover, Alsike Clover, Tioga Deer Tongue, Rape Seed, Kale, Dynamo Turnip, Purple Top Turnips and Frog hair Intermediate Rye grass. Mixture comes pre-inoculated with no other treatments needed, capable of providing many years of valuable plot essentials in a wide range of soil conditions. Produces large amounts of crude protein critical in development of antler growth and overall heard health. Developing white tails will display larger racks, increased body weights and healthier fawns. Forage can be heavily grazed and still recover providing continued forage. A "Permanent Food Plot." Spring planting after any chance of frost. Late fall or dormant planting also.

  • Specially formulated for Whitetail Deer
  • Produces large amounts of crude protein essential for antler growth
  • Perennial plot that grows back year after year

Phone Number: 1-800-480-7661

Monster Mix grows and attracts monster bucks like nothing else! You can build your management program around this stuff! Packed with world-class legumes plus loads of the forage sensation chicory, Monster Mix comes as close to being the perfect year-round food plot mix as anything on the market. Monster Mix stands alone in its ability to provide critical protein and other essential nutrition from late winter/spring, when deer first begin rebuilding body tissue lost to rut and winter and when new antler development begins, right on through the summer antler-growing/fawning time.

  • The Perfect All-Round Food Plot Mix
  • Attracts & Grows More and Bigger Bucks
  • Produces For 3 to 5 Years

Phone Number: 888-MAX-GAME

Imperial Whitetail Clover is a professionally formulated blend of high yielding clover varieties that offers very unique traits when compared to traditional plantings for wildlife. Wildlife biologists now know the critical importance of high-quality forage and browse for whitetails year-round, especially during the spring and summer months of antler growth and fawn development. Without high-quality, high-protein browse during the antler-growth season, a buck's antlers will not reach their genetic potential.

  • Lasts up to 5 years without replanting
  • High-protein browse maximizes antler and body growth
  • Free DVD with online order

Phone Number: 800-688-3030

This all-around mix of perennials and bi-annuals takes into account most conditions (sun-shade, wet-dry, soil types, drainage, slope, traffic, etc.). Its varying rates of germination and maturation ensure there is a preferred plant age and type at any given time to satisfy all the hungry critters feeding on it. This blend is devoured by deer and upland birds alike and is available in 4.25 lb., 8.50 lb.25 lb. or 50 lb. containers.

  • Perfect for Spring, Summer, or Fall Plantings
  • Seed rate: 8-10 lbs per acre
  • Perennial blend

Phone Number: 218-751-0147

Featuring a 12-volt Shurflo® pump, Moultrie’s sprayers easily spray hard-to-reach areas of fields and fence lines directly from your ATV or utility vehicle. These sprayers were built to last with durable, chemical resistant polyethylene tanks, heavy-duty pumps with Viton® valves and Santoprene® diaphragms, and industrial hoses for long life and corrosion resistance. Each sprayer also features a spray wand with 12-ft hose and vented tank lid. Make spraying easy with the built-in tank graduation scale for accurate mixing and pump strainer for easy cleaning. Sprayers are powered by wired remote control that plugs directly into your vehicle’s DC adapter.

  • Choose from 15- or 25-gallon models, spot sprayers or boomless; Moultrie offers a sprayer for
  • every
  • need.

Phone Number: (479) 782-8971

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