Hand crafted leather hunting journal books have a rich mahogany color leather and polished brass hinge wildlife motif. Record the events of the hunt!

  • Made from high-quality genuine leather
  • Great for keeping hunting records
  • Good looking

Phone Number: 800-588-5292

Journey from the North Slope to Ketchikan across 12 Alaskan regions in the hunting and fishing adventure of a lifetime! For the first time in one game you will be able to hunt trophy animals, fish, bird hunt, dog sled through the Alaskan Arctic, and compete in various outdoor contests. All as true-to-life as it can get!

  • Go on 30 hunting adventures for over 20 species including Yukon Moose, Barren Ground Caribou, Grizzly Bears, Roosevelt Elk, Dall Sheep, Kodiak Bears, Sitka Black-Tailed Deer and more
  • Fish for 10 different species including Sockeye Salmon, Dolly Varden and Arctic Char
  • Enhanced gameplay with all new shooting features and controls including Hunter's Sense, Gun Sway, and Drop Dot make this hunting experience as true-to-life as it can get

Phone Number: (952) 918-9400

This cookbook is all on CD ROM....this means no more trying to protect that valuable cookbook by putting it on the other side of the kitchen to keep it clean. Just simply select the recipe you desire, print, cook, and throw it away. Our Wild Game Cookbook includes a variety of recipes for Big game, Small game, and Birds. These recipes are for main dishes, soups, casseroles, jerky, left overs, and more. A perfect gift for any Individual looking to expand their wild game cooking to more than a few recipes.

  • All recipes on CD-ROM
  • Great recipes for big game, small game, and birds
  • A perfect holiday gift!

Phone Number: 281-960-5945

New Millennium Outdoors Announces the Release of Shaggy Dog’s ™ Marinades Shaggy Dog’s™ Venison Jerky Marinade is different in that it didn’t take the easy way out by only offering the consumer dry ingredients for the processing of jerky but instead offers a liquid, ready-to-use product!” Owner Chris Cass explains. “We at Shaggy Dog’s ™ incurred the extra cost & time of offering the consumer what we feel is the easiest to use jerky marinade on the market. All the consumer needs to do is prepare their meat as they normally would for jerky, and tear open the pouch of Shaggy Dog’s™ Venison Jerky Marinade and pour it on the meat!” If your favorite store doesn’t carry Shaggy Dog’s™ Venison Jerky Marinade, have them get in touch with us for dealer options. You can also purchase company direct by mail, phone, or Internet.

  • Easy to use!
  • Works on all types of meat! Not just jerky.
  • Huntingnet approved

Phone Number: (608) 774-7377

A fine addition to any hog hunters attire. This genuine handmade tusk necklace is fully adjustable and can be varied in size from choker to necklace size. Make sure to have one of these on when it comes time to take that next Trophy Boar Picture.

  • A great gift idea for the serious
  • hog
  • hunter

Phone Number: 407.405.5621

Have you stopped camping and no longer need that camp stove, but have taken up turkey hunting and need a box call? Or maybe you no longer need that fly rod, but are looking for a bass fishing reel. Whatever the reason, as outdoor sportsmen, we all stop using perfectly good gear, and more times than not we’re looking for an item also. So, stop by Hunt-A-Swap and take a look around.

  • I’ve got this Jo-Jan
  • Multi-Fletcher I’d be willing to swap
  • for a ...

Phone Number: 847-555-1212

North American Hunter magazine, official publication of the North American Hunting Club, is your personal guide to bagging trophy bucks, tracking monster elk, calling in waterfowl, and much more! Through in-depth articles and insightful stories, you'll discover the tips and techniques you need to increase your own hunting skills and enjoyment in the field. Get a FREE preview issue. No risk. No obligation. Go to:


Phone Number: 800-922-4868

Get ready for hunting season! 250 Acres only $99,500! Located in Northeastern New Mexico adjacent to the Canadian River – convenient to I-25. This high desert climate has gorgeous cover, BARBARY SHEEP – ANTELOPE – ELK – MULE DEER – TURKEY – DOVE & PHEASANT. Great views! Take advantage of this buyer’s market. This land is ideal for sportsmen.”

Phone Number: (603) 433-6661

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