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HuntingNet's Holiday Gift Guide
Searching for great holiday deals? Been wishing for that new hunting gadget or the latest gear? No need to hun...
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Newton Shooting Victim’s Family Furious at Gun-Control Proponents
Proponents of gun control take notice: The Paradis and D’Avino family of Bethlehem, Connecticut, is not happy ...
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President Obama Exploits Navy Yard Shooting to Push for Gun Control
Another spree shooting that got widespread, media coverage, another instance of exploitation by President Bara...
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Tougher Gun Control Backfires in Maryland as Gun Applications Skyrocket
The last thing that gun-control ideologues want is more guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans.
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Anti 2nd-Amendment Protestors Cause Commotion in California
With the memory of the Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting still in their minds, anti-2nd Amendment protesto...
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Obama Sneaks in New Executive Gun-Control Actions
In a year when meaningful gun-control legislation has been all but killed thanks to the defeat of the Manchin-...
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Intensifying Concerns Over California’s Tougher Gun Control Laws
California appears to be ground zero for the larger gun-control battle being fought all over the U.S.
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Special Interests Pressure Congressman to Support Gun Control
In the continuous battle over stricter gun control, few forces hold as much influence as the dreaded special i...
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Anti-Gun Democrat Colorado State Senators May Not Survive Recall Election
One of the greatest features of American democracy is the people’s right to recall specific politicians and so...
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California to Become Most Aggressive Gun-Control State in U.S.
Gun owners already don’t like California because of its tough gun-control laws.
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September is for Dove Hunting in Texas
The ninth month of the calendar year generates much anticipation of the approaching cooler months. Nothing sti...
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Share The Tradition
I’ve always found that the most treasured feelings in life are rooted from passing on education. Whether it’s ...
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The Real Dog Bone
Let me introduce you to the world-renowned dog trainer, Jeremy Moore, aka “Shed Dog Whisperer” and inventor of...
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Turkey Cautions
Although the wild turkey has a noggin the size of a small walnut, the wily bird continues to puzzle even the m...
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40th Annual Safari Club International Convention
On the morning of February 2, my wife Jan and I flew to Las Vegas in order to attend the 40th annual Safari Cl...
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Hot Spot Outfitter Spotlight – Kansas’s Blue River Whitetails
Today’s outfitter swindling of get-rich-quick mentality coupled with amplifying quantity-versus-quality has fo...
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Are You Warm?
There’s nothing that bothers me more than sitting in the deer woods with my fingers numb, toes iced-up, and ea...
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