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Every fall thousands of hunters take to the Western mountains in pursuit of monster bugling elk. Before you go on your first elk hunting trip check out these helpful articles on everything from elk anatomy to elk calling techniques.
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Essential Hunting Kit Gear
In my actual field experience having hunted all over America and several foreign countries a huge backpack is ...
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I am particularly fond of sweet tricks I can add to my own AR rifles including my extra tricked out hog huntin...
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Hunt Comfort of Evergreen, Alabama has developed some of the most innovative seat cushions in the hunting indu...
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These BearClaws have 1000 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation ® which will keep feet warm under the harshest ...
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Recording & Patterning Whitetail Deer
If you are really addicted to deer hunting, and want to take your hunting experience to the pinnacle of locati...
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Scouting for Whitetails
I often have hunters ask me, "What should I do to start hunting whitetail deer?" The steps are simple, but man...
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Gerber's BG Parang Machete
The Gerber Parang design is an angled blade fixed for clearing brush and trail chopping, which is great for hu...
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Leopards of Lemco Days One and Two
On the 17th of June, 2011, my wife Jan and I embarked on our sixth African safari 9,800 miles away from our ho...
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Wild pigs are taking over the south. My home state of Mississippi is well positioned within their home range l...
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A Better Way To Aim
Every bowhunter has one anchor point that feels better than any other. Suppose your anchor point feels best wh...
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SCI Convention Rendezvous
The only thing comparable to a hunt itself is the anticipation for the next quest, and there’s no place be...
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Bucks of Mexico
Over the last 11 years I have been privileged to spend two weeks in Old Mexico pursuing and filming some outst...
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Our Final Days on Safari, Zimbabwe, 2014
 Over the last four days of our safari, we simply relished the opportunity to view the diverse array ...
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Buffalo in the Lowveld of Zimbabwe Day 5 & 6
While traversing the jungle roads in search of fresh buffalo spoor on the cold, cloudy morning of our fift...
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Buffalo in the Lowveld of Zimbabwe Day 3 & 4
The sound of two tons of nothing but brute force exerted by two bulls vying for a command over the other co...
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Buffalo in the Lowveld of Zimbabwe Day 1
Buffalo in the Lowveld of Zimbabwe Day 1 After entertaining 20 hours on three airlines, I was more than ...
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Gredos Ibex Hunt In Spain Part 2
The second morning we drove to the top of Pena de Francia the second highest mountain peak in the park to tour...
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