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Default How to polish shotgun barrel?

I have heard many people say that the best 835 patterns come from a gun that has had the barrel polished.Could someone please explain to me the best and possibly the easiest way to accomplish this.I also was wondering exactly how this will help my patterns? Thanks.
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I think a polished barrel will improve almost any gun. I took mine to a gunsmith. Cost me $25. In my gun the patterns became more consistant shot-to-shot.
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I got my 835 about 12 years ago. It has the sprayed-on blotch camo. The inside of the barrel looked like a smokestack with what I believe was overspray. Patterns were ok. but not great.

I took a 3/8" dowel, and cut notches into one end to hold some 000 steel wool in place, and chucked the other end up in a 3/8" drill. Then I fired up the drill and worked the steel wool (lubed with WD-40) back and forth until the barrel was clean and smooth. Patterns improved considerably.

Later I found an old aluminum cleaning rod whose handle had been broken off and used a 20 ga brush (in a 12 ga barrel) wrapped with fine scotchbrite pads to accomplish essentially the same thing in other guns.

Note: IMO it is not generally necessary to polish the choke, but I would keep a choke in place during the operation so the threads are not loaded up with crud. I mark the rod so that I only burnish to the beginning of the choke.

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This link explains the way I do it, and with pictures.

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I just spray some rem oil down mine, then just clean it until its good enough. Just dont shoot for 4 years and then finally come around to cleaning it.
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I just polished my barrel a couple weeks ago using the method listed in the link to the other forum above. Worked well. I haven't patterned my gun after polishing yet but have never heard of patterns getting worse, only better. My 835 shot great patterns before so I'm not hoping for much improvement but it would be niceto see that it made a difference.
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I have a Mossberg 535. I pollished my barrel last year, changed my choke and shells, and gained over 100 pellets in my patern at 40 yds.

It is worth the time to do it.

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This might help!

Polishing the Forcing Cone

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Thank all of you for the much needed info and good luck this year to everyone.
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