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Default What arrow rest?

I bought an old Herters Recurve bow this past summer in a yard sale really cheap. It came with a string and all but the arrow rest was not on it. I bought one that was still new that was a Herters target shooting rest. I asked a guy about it and he says do not use it. That is because the new arrow rest would require to have the bow drilled.. So what type of rest would you use? It is an old target bow that I bought to mess around with.. This was a very cheap purchase from an older fella that was having a hard time getting around.

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Use any arrow rest that you like-try them and see what suites you best.No such thing as one size fits all!
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Maybe a NAP Flipper II

Lots of folks like the old Hoyt stick on rests. Dunno if any new old stock stuff around, or if somebody makes a comparable version these days.

Check Lancaster Archery Supply.

You could just go with the Bear "Hair" rest. I prefer to just use Velcro. It's even cheaper LOL.

You make a sideplate and another strip for the shelf. Can use toothpick under to make a high spot for minimal contact on the shelf/sideplate, and also to adjust centershot.

Lots of people don't do it, but I always do........and that is leave a gap between sideplate and shelf velcro.........for feather/quill clearance.

Learned that way back in my Blackwidow owner's manual (1987).

Of course, shooting off the shelf pretty much mandates feathers (which I prefer).
If you want some vanes for wet weather, proly need a stick on elevated rest.

BTW, that's a nice bow, a very clean one too! Great score!!!
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I remember 20 years ago I had one of those Bear hair rests. Never ever remember it making noise when drawing for target shooting. I was using aluminum arrows back them. A doe walked past me and I set up, picked my spot and started to draw back. All was very quiet and I remember hearing "Shooo" as the arrow slide across that fake hair. The does ears pointed back too as she heard it. Luckily I released quick and killed her. I continued using the hair rest but switched to wood arrows and they are quiet on the draw.

I have used the elevated rests too, but I have had them break before and ruin shooting until you buy another one.

Personally I would use a hair rest with plate as its simple with less to break. Just relaying my story of the noisy arrow.
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