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Originally Posted by buckclub View Post
i wouldnt like to see a pet or huntning dog up there, I do hunt them, don't trap but have a lot of private land where I dont see a pet being an issue. as far as ethics goes, yah its a slow death but i would visit daily just the same as trappers and dispose of one with a quick bullet. Just wondering if its legal and how people do it. i want to do this, if legal in NY

Dude,....you still ain't gettin it. ITS UNETHICAL!

Us hunters and trappers are under attack every day with antis trying to take our sport from us. This fishing for coyotes is certain to give them ammo.

Even most hunters see it as totally wrong.

You come on this board and pose a question about it and everyone tells you it is not right, and you think it is neat.

I personally feel you should be blackballed by everyone on here.

Its guys like you (that think its neat) that willl ruin hunting for all of us in the end.

When an animal is caught in a trap, its circulation is cut off where the trap has it by the foot. Its paw will get numb just like when you arm falls asleep. In other words it doesn't feel much pain. Comparing these meat hooks to trapping shows how stupid you really are. There is nothing numbing the pain as the yote hangs there waiting for you to come with your bullet.

What kind of a$$hole can't understand that?

You are one of these slap dicks that calls yourself a hunter but in reality you don't have a clue.

Seriously, what kind of hunter would fish for coyotes? Just about everyone agrees it aint right and you still insist.

Grow up!
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I also agree this is unethical. Would you want to die quick? or hang there in pain for hours on end?

This is like shooting a deer in the guts and waiting for it to die....

It also makes me sad that someone would even think about doing this.
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Speechless,why would,never mind.......
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just bc they are coyotes, doesnt mean they should be treated with disrespect.
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I know of a family that had a small farm near here whose goat was killed in May and then there small dog was ripped off the leash on there front porch In June .. coyote was seen by there teen daughter doing it. NYS DEC said they would investigate it a month goes by and they say it was an isolated incident and refused to allow them to trap or hunt out of season . So the man goes out and hooks 3 yotes in 5 days ... wrong ... I say yes unless it was my livestock .... pet .... child....NY puts a season on them to protect them during breeding and pupping season they are varmints. Year round season in my opinion ... and you wont have people hooking them .
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back in depression they used treble fishing hooks on fishing line to catch turkeys.i would think you could do same to catch a fox/bobcat/coyote or most anything.
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Originally Posted by buckclub View Post
Does anyone use elevated sharpened hooks hung with meat to get the coyote to jump and thus hook itself. Some from the next town over have been rumored to be using this with sucess.

how high do they need to be? i am just thinking this may be a cool way to get a coyote..
ive been told by relieable people that is has been done and is verry sucessful. youjust hang a big hook about five feet off the ground and youslide a hot dog down over the hook and back up it so none of the hook shows. then you just set anouther hotdog below that one so the coyote eats the hot dog on the ground and then out of hunger he keeps jumping tryingto get the hanging hot dog and eventually gets it in his mouth and is hooked. . . i dont know that i would call this humain or fair to the coyote. i dont plan on trying this method for several reason.one of them being thats its most likely ILLEGAL and totaly CRUEL! theres nothing wrong with a few legholds set around a piece of meet in the middle of them.
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Now, I ran a trapline for coyotes as a teenager, so the reality isn't lost on me. That said though, what you've described here is far, far beyond the misery of a coyote caught in a #3 offset. I can't even imagine why one would choose this method? Even a coyote deserves a better death than this. This may be the most cruel and sadistic thing I've heard of lately.
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There are a lot of methods that people USED to use that aren't necessarily ethical today. Some of them are explicitly illegal, some are illegal implicitly, and some are just unethical... Between a hanging meet hook, trapping pits, "Coyote Getters" (a 12ga strapped to a tree with meat on a string tied to the trigger), etc etc, a lot of these old methods just aren't kosher by today's standards.

A hook causes significant injury, but DOESN'T guarantee death. If the hook fails to properly set, or if it fails to firmly anchor into the coyote's mouth, the hook could rip out of the coyotes mouth, causing severe injuries to the coyote's mouth. However, for this type of injury, it would be highly unlikley that the dog would be bleeding bad enough to bleed to death, but would very likely either starve to death, or die from infection... Neither being a humane death.

Additionally, if you check your hooks once a day, then the coyote could hang there for a LONG time before you came along to put it out of it's misery.

The advantage that the old timer's used to say that hooks had, was that it was species specific. Coyotes, large foxes, and bobcats would be the only animals that would both A) be attracted to the meat, and B) be tall enough to reach the meat.

Personally, if it's not illegal, then it should be. But it's definitely unethical.
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just bc they are coyotes, doesnt mean they should be treated with disrespect

I am happy to see most on here would not use this method. There are some sick people out there.
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