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Default Fantastic gathering of Eagles

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WOW - Great post Oldtimr!

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Did ya notice the ones with the dark heads and the splotched backs? Looked like a completely different species. I'm not a bird watcher and the only eagles I've seen are Balds and Goldens. Does anyone know what these birds are?
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They are all bald eagles. The ones with white heads/ tails are mature and the others are juveniles. I was watching one yesterday picking off some fish a guy walked away from while ice fishing. He moved to a spot 100 yds away and the mature eagle swooped down and took a perch he had left. My wife took a picture of a mature eating a male mallard duck a year ago while sitting in a tree in our yard. At the same time 2 juvies were eating more right on the beach. They wouldn't bring them to the tree. The next day I went down there and saw several duck carcasses. They are really beautiful birds and this time of the year I see them several times each week.
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It is mating season for them now.

Friend saw a pair the other day falling locked together, releasing each other just before hitting the trees and doing it all over again.

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Sure glad I am not an eagle wouldn't take me long to hit the ground 8 inches ??? gotta be quick
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Nice video! Thanks for the share. It reminds me of an encounter I had with some ravens back in '92 on a boat in Dutch.
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I think next time he should bring more food.
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I am some what like C.I. here when seeing eagles almost every day I have off. There is a river flowing by not far from my house that normally has an eagle or 2 around it every day during the winter months as this part seldom will freeze up. The eagles like to fish from the perches in the trees. I once saw a video something like the one you shared only it was on back of a pickup truck that was parked in a parking lot. The eagles were flying in and out of the body of it ripping boxes open and stealing what looked to be fish off it. We have nothing like that here even though we do have quite a few eagles. Some of the eagles here have been used to help introduce them to other lower states as well. The ones that have the white heads and tails are adult birds. The younger birds do not. The have stated that to reach the stage to be an adult eagle takes something like 6 years.
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I am just testing to see if uploading a picture from my IPhone will work. If so this a young eagle in his first fall here.. It did work but not the way I wanted it to..But it is great to know that I can up load them in my pics.. Then I can post it like I just did now.. http://www.huntingnet.com/forum/memb...-img-1611.htmlhttp://www.huntingnet.com/forum/memb...7-img-1613.jpg

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