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  1. cayugad
    09-21-2016 06:18 PM
    unless you size them down to .451, the cast comes in at .458 so you are limited to the sabot. I use the orange Knight sabot made by MMP sabot. They work real good. Do you have any of them bullets made up?
  2. edmehlig
    09-21-2016 01:05 PM
    Dave, any suggestions on what Sabot I should try with my Lyman Deerstalker with them 405gr bullets?
  3. cayugad
    08-09-2016 08:40 AM
    I use the pillow tick. Never had a burn through problem.

    Here is a little trick. If you have an old cotton T shirt, tear off small pieces. Dump your powder, stuff a piece of that T shirt down on the powder, then set your patch onto that. That should take care of the burn through. I am kind of surprised the patch burned. Maybe you set them in the sun too long and all the water dehydrated out of the patch, so all it had was a very small amount of oil. In that case increase the amount of oil a little if you want to shoot a dry patch.

    I add the moose milk to a spray bottle and spritz the patch as I shoot. So I am shooting wet patches. That seems to work real good for me. Keep me posted on your results.

  4. sproulman
    08-09-2016 07:13 AM
    tried your napa mix worked good other than at 70 grs of 3f patch burned thru ..I did not use your 4 oz of oil i cut it in half so not to make a lot and cut other ingredients also in hal so added 1 oz more to what i had left over and soaked again..groups were much better and easier to push in cut at muzzle also this time vrs the ox-yoke patch was hard to push in..both are .018 from wal-mart ..washed it as you said ..i used bore button at 70grs and patchs did not get 2 holes in them...Some felt i did not use enough of mix on the pillow from wal -mart..the material was slightly moist even tho i had it in sun but i big difference setting ball in with starter i had to use rubber hammer with ox-yoke patch hurt my hand with out it they were 8 years old and at 70 grs did not burn thru...

  5. cayugad
    07-24-2016 03:45 AM
    A hot barrel can make the rifle shoot off, but normally with round ball it is not that drastic. I would swab between shots only if the loading is getting hard. Something else I found is, not all rifles like 3f powder. I have a number of them that shoot better with 2f black powder or pyrodex rs.

    As for whether the powder charge is right ... only your rifle can tell you. Also a lot of accuracy is dependent on the shooter and the sights. But it sounds like you're doing all things right. Check you powder age, and check the patches. Are they pre lubed and very old? That can make a difference.

  6. sproulman
    07-23-2016 11:22 AM
    Longtime talking to you..hope things are fine having ball with my new grouse dog whiskers..question i went back to rb shooting no more maxi-balls too expensive too shoot..i have .50 cal hawkins 1-48 twist..back when roundball was on here he rec 90 grs of 3f ..too much kick for me and noise..i started at 60grs and went to 70 grs of 3f ..i shot at 13 yds as i read here and i was touching holes with 60 grs then to 25 yards and clover leaf .out at 50 yards terrible.

    Shot after cleaning between shots i would say 20 shots ..could barrel as it gets warmer be throwing shots around at 50? Or could it be load 60/70 grs i did not try 50 grs of 3f ..at first closer like 25 yards they grouped good at 60 of 3f so i thought maybe barrel getting warm i wait about 5 or so minutes between shots as i clean after each shot ..i am using .018 patch with bore button .490 ball of 3f ..
  7. fallerlaszlo84
    09-03-2015 04:04 AM

    I'm a professional hunter from Hungary and I would like to offer You great fields for a gorgeous hunt in our country.


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    The welltrained staff and their thorough activity as well as the quality of the hunting areas and the game stock provides guarantee of the very nice experiences for the visitors coming here.

    I am making my website in these days, but You can find a lot of photos in my gallery. The photos demonstrate that my hunters always hunt on the best fields of Hungary,


    If you are interested, please contact me and I'll send further information and price lists.

    László Faller - fallerlaszlo84@gmail.com
  8. cayugad
    08-28-2015 03:11 PM
    I have a Green Mountain Barrel Stainless in .45 that fits my Renegade. I always thought they were a 1-28 but others told me I am wrong. I admit I am not totally sure. I purchased it because I wanted one of each caliber.

    I also have the White .451 which I was told is a 1-20 twist.
  9. sabotloader
    08-28-2015 11:11 AM
    Dave do you have a fast twist 45? Well, actually they will shoot well in a 1-24 White 50 if you have the sabots.
  10. cayugad
    11-05-2013 04:54 PM
    I wore glasses other then my contact era, since 6th grade. He told me he can put a lens in my eye (not sure how) and that I will be able to see long distances clear. I will still need glasses for reading but that's fine. I am kind of nervous about it, but I know it had to be done.

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