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Hogs and Exotics Gun or bow, you can stretch your season and fill the freezer with wild hogs and an assortment of exotics.

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Default Daylight Thermal Mulefoot Hogs

I get a bunch of queries about thermal and daylight use. Some people think that it might work like traditional night vision where it isn't safe for daylight work or that it won't work in daylight. It can work just fine and seen in the video below. We started hunting at 4:00 PM. We shot the hogs at 5:15. Sunset wasn't until 6:11.

The owner of TBR where I often hunt called and said his wife had been complaining about hogs in the woods behind his house. So I brought up the caller and we tried to draw them out to the east with no luck, but we could hear them from time to time. We moved to the west side of where they were and ran the caller, would stop and listen, then repeat. We started hearing hogs when the caller was off and we stopped calling when it sounded like they were just inside of the tree line. A few minutes later, they came down to the tank we were watching.

I found it interesting that we were sitting on the side of the tank dam, in plain view, as they came in, but they took no notice of us. Even more interesting was that both of the hogs we killed were female mulefoot hogs.

Here is the video...
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Congrats on the mulefoot hogs. Mulefoot hogs are not rare in the area you operate in.
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