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Default thompson center 32 caliber cherokee

Hello I have a thompson cherokee in 32 caliber, im trying to find the value so i might sell it. I talked to thompson they could not give me any info other than it was made in the first 24 months of production. It would be great if anyone had any info or might be interested in it. I have only shot it about a dozen times and 3 times at a coyote. After calling a yote in to about 40 yards, i shot and hit him hard he dropped where he stood and got 2 others the same outing. I must say it is eaiser using my .223 than the muzzel loader. Any info or if anyone is interested i would apperacite it . Thanks
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Muzzeloaders due to their design (fixed breech) tend to have varying degrees of wear/corrosion that can't be easily detected. exterior appearances may not be telling of what has happened inside.

Consequently the Gun Traders Guide doesn't go into putting values on such beasts.

The best you can do is visit an online auction site, like Gunbroker.com or Gunsamerica and see what people are bidding/paying for guns like yours.

Cherokees and Senecas do have a minor cult following, and perfect examples may bring a decent penny. Used models with some wear/dings........might do well due to colelctors wanting a "shooter".

I myself run an older model, limited run TC, and hunt with it. In VVG shape with a few tiny marks, it's worth about twice what I paid for it new (according to current bids seen on the web- but I aint sellin' it ).
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