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Default RE: 270 Winchester Accuracy?

Marine snipers in Vietnam used the .270 quite effectively
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Default RE: 270 Winchester Accuracy?

LOL It cracks me up. Since all these new magnums have came out people treat the 270 like a damn varmint round. Im gonna tell ya the 270 is as nigh perfect for a deer rifle (any deer)as has ever been invented. My adl syn 270 groups just as tight as my 2 7-08's.
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Default RE: 270 Winchester Accuracy?

ORIGINAL: RugerM77.270

If you are hunting the .270 is just as accurate as the .308 and 7mm. I am not real sure about it if you plan on doing some match shooting.

Here is an article from Outdoor Life that talks about just that.
IF I were selecting a target cartridge, I'd choose the .308 Win. or the 6.5/284 Norma over a .270 Win. Just because there are hardly any match bullets in .270.

However, I used to hunt with two different Mannlicher/Schoenauer .270 carbines which both would put five rounds of either Nosler 130 or Nosler 150-grain Partition bullets into 1.25" @ 100 yards. Shooting like this, both carbines were death on anything within 350 yards. That was quite satisfactory for three years in ALASKA!

There is a Sierra 135-grain Matchking .277" bullet. That should be quite satisfactory out to 500 yards fdor any match shooting you'd want to do.

If that is too light, try a Nosler Ballistic Tip in 150 grain weight. These bullets are as good as most match bullets.
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Default RE: 270 Winchester Accuracy?

Berger Bullets has came out with the VLD match bullets in .277cal. 130,140 and 150gr. bullets. I got some 150gr. VLD loaded upfor 270wsm. Haven't tried them yet. Waiting for the perfect day to see what load works best.
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Default RE: 270 Winchester Accuracy?

I have a Mauser Bauer 3000L left hand bolt in 270. For 30+ years I've shot 1" groups (100 yards) with Remington 130 grainfactory ammunition. Never adjusted the scope in all those years. I will add that this is the only center fire rifle I ever owned that shot well with Remington ammunition.
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Default RE: 270 Winchester Accuracy?

Like most all calibers, it is 99.99999 percent dependant on the firearm being used. Having owned more rifles than any ten people should ever need, the 270 has been as accurate as any.
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Default RE: 270 Winchester Accuracy?

if you are talking about consistency, hitting the same spot over and over, the 270, 7mm, and 308 are going to all be effectively the same with similar rounds. If you are talking about flat bullet trajectory, the 7mm will be flattest on average (depending on the round used,), followed closely by the 270 and then the 308.One (that I know of-Hornady light mag 140 gr)270 roundis actually as flat as some same weight 7mm rounds, and about the same in energy. The 270 will also offer less recoil than the 7 or the 308, and this can definitely add to accuracy from a shooter consistency standpoint.
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Default RE: 270 Winchester Accuracy?

I don't think this a question anyone can answer. There are just too many variables. Bullets, rifles, rifle condition etc. But form what I've read and my own experience a 7mm (7mm Mauser, 7-08, 7mm Mag, 280, etc) are all capable of fantastic accuracy. As for the 30 cal (.308) it is hard to beat the 180 gr bullet ballistically. And accuracy of the 180 and the 168 gr bullets is undeniable. The 270 is probably best suited for the 130 gr bullet. Out of a good quality rifle it will shoot sub MOA with the correct loads for that particular rifle and as one of the previous post stated is a dynamite deer cartridge. IMO probably the most ideal deer cartridge.
So to answer your question - all have the capability to be accurate (say MOA accuracy). But to suggest one is more accurate than the other would just be blowing smoke.
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Default RE: 270 Winchester Accuracy?

I guess my question should have been worded just a tad different. What I was thinking was: why are there not as many "match grade" bullets availablefor the 270when compared tothe .308 bullets? Anyway I will soon find out how accurate a 270 can be as I just ordered one!!
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Default RE: 270 Winchester Accuracy?

The only way I can say it might sound rude, but please believe me .... I am not intending it that way...

The .270 is a fine rifle round, and it is very accurate. BUT.... almost any round chambered today is more accurate than most people can shoot. I doubt that your inherent ability is more accurate than the rifle round you want, so I would suggest you buy whatever you want without worrying about the rounds accuracy ...... then practice so you can be as good as the round you are shooting. More often than not, inaccuracy lies in the shooter ....not the rifle or round.

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