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Boone & Crockett
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My late cousin was an NRA certified handgun instructor and ran training and qualification courses for the local PDs and civilians.
Some of the stories he would relate to me up at hunting camp simply left me flabbergasted. He even had a spat with one of the police chiefs because he refused to qualify a few of his officers. Some were so bad that he told me they would hit 3' in front of the target (on the floor) at 12 yards!
I personally witnessed the ineptness of a local officer a few years ago. I hit a deer with my car coming home at night. The next morning I called the game commission and got permission to get it. When I arrived the buck was still alive and I called the Twp police to come dispatch it for me. After trying to shoot it in the head 4 times from about 10 feet I was about tempted to ask him for his sidearm so I could kill the poor thing. But he finally hit it in the head on the next shot about 5' away.
As for chambering, I have no problem carrying a 9mm simply for concealment (M&P Shield) but I feel much better when toting my 40 S&W or .45 ACP.
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I don't like Glocks. They feel like a brick in my hand and I hate DA only systems. I tolerate DA/SA simply for the safety aspect of not having to carry with the hammer cocked. Just never could get that squirrelly feeling out of myself when holstering a chambered and cocked firearm. Got pretty good at cocking on the draw but the DA feature does allow for that instance of goofup. No shooter on this planet can be as accurate with a DA as they can be with an SA. That long and heavy trigger pull can and will effect barrel movement left or right. That little 1/8-1/16 inch movement of the barrel could very well mean a hit or a miss at 20 feet. I like to do my very best at eliminating as many possibilities of a miss out of the equation.
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The only calibers I would use for self defense is 9mm and 45acp. For pistols at least.
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