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Enhancement Request / Wish List Please post any enhancement requests here. We will review them all, but please understand that we may or may not be able to include them in future releases.

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Default Increase photo storage on albums

You can only put something like 52 photos on the album for a persons page. Why not make it unlimited? I have taken 68 species of game including 90 deer of various species. As it sits my album is full and I can't put any more up.

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I'll send a Pm to admin to bring this to their attention since they may not see this. I am not sure why there is a limit other than possibly some bandwidth restrictions. So much allotted for posts and so much for pictures.
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Admin is looking into this flags to see if they are able to change anything, in the meantime.... I *Believe* that if you create a second album you can add more pictures until it is full as well. Not 100% sure on that but worth a try. I know that you can make multiple albums, I'm just not sure if that will give you more room for pictures or if you're still limited to the same amount.
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I know you used to be able to keep adding albums and that allows you more pictures on here without deleting any you want to keep..
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Hi Folks,

I am new to the HuntingNet forum, so I am not allowed to post any pictures yet directly into this forum. I might be granted that privilege after I have been around a little while and am trusted.

But yet, I had some photos of a problem I was having with my Ruger American Predator Rifle and a Boyd's Stock I had recently bought. How could I explain the problem with out a few pictures?

I did a little exploring and discovered that I could include a LINK to another website in my forum message. So then, I when to Google and set up two albums and shared them to anybody that had the link. Then, I wrote my message in the gunsmithing forum of HuntingNet and added the links to the Google albums as follows:

My Problem: Ruger American Predator Rifle and Boyd's Stock

URL to first post:
LINK: https://goo.gl/photos/dMqUhfdorwdLHaa88

URL to second post:
LINK: https://goo.gl/photos/smjj2Exv7ZwiyZMb7

I don't know what the limit is for setting up albums in Google. But if you are running out of storage space here you might try my method.

Have A Great Day,
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