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Default Bolts for PSE Foxfire???

I just bought a PSE foxfire crossbow.
but am unsure what type bolts it takes.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Default RE: Bolts for PSE Foxfire???

Sounds like a nice crossbow!
I have no idea what it is that particular bow takes, but someone will be along soon enough to help..
Welcome to the forum!
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Default RE: Bolts for PSE Foxfire???


Does PSE still make the Foxfire? Maybe they can help you?

PSE Archery Forums - PSE Foxfire Crossbow?
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Default RE: Bolts for PSE Foxfire???

sorry, can't help you.....but welcome to the forum.
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Default RE: Bolts for PSE Foxfire???

I'm still looking.
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Default RE: Bolts for PSE Foxfire???

Welcome to the forum. Someone will eventually give you the answer or how to get it.
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Default custom bolts

I have a foxfire 2. I made custom bolts using the walmart brand arrows for a compound bow. I cut them down to 21" and glued in new inserts using my fletching kit. The bolts work well enough that im going to try hunting with it this year.
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2219 aluminum shafts cut to length use helical fletch makes them stiffer coming out of the bow.
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I guess no matter how many times you try to inform people that the crossbow today don't shoot BOLTS!!!!! They shoot arrows. Crossbows during the medieval times actually shot metal bolts that were actually solid metal shafts. They didn't have fletchings on them!!! They were more then likely made this way to penetrate the metal armor of the day.

And please don't came back at me and tell me that everyone calls them that, they are wrong. Some think it is sexy to call them BOLTS.

A little research:

Bolts do not have fletching, i.e. feathered ends like those commonly seen on arrows.[6] Crossbow bolts can be fitted with a variety of heads, some with sickle-shaped heads to cut rope or rigging; but the most common today is a four-sided point called a quarrel. A highly specialized type of bolt is employed to collect blubber biopsy samples used in biology research.

Most modern crossbows are designed to shoot arrows instead of bolts.[6] Crossbow arrows are of similar construction to ordinary bow arrows,[7] just shorter in length because of reduced power stroke.
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Try these people: americanarcherysupply.com If not, google pse foxfire arrows, there was a guy on Archery Talk in '09........
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