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Black Powder Ask opinions of other hunters on new technology, gear, and the methods of blackpowder hunting.

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Nontypical Buck
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Default Most accurate, Worst, Favorite out of the box Muzzleloader.

The most accurate muzzleloader out of the box is a toss up for me. The Knight Disc Elite and the T/C Triumph are really close. I"m going to leave that a tie.

The worst out of the box Muzzleloaders for me are the Encores. They take a lot of tweaking to get them to work right. Triggers, hinge pin, fouling in firing pin. A couple companies made a living on making the Encore better. I will mention when T/C copied the Triumph breech plug for the Endeavor it did take away the fouling.

My favorite Muzzleloader is no doubt the Encore. I just loved hunting with that gun. To most they are ugly, but looks don"t kill the animals. Mine was strictly for Muzzleloading, no CF barrels at all for me. It was also really easy to handle on a Quad as well. It was a great fit for me. It just takes some money to get it really good.
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Default RE: Most accurate, Worst, Favorite out of the box Muzzleloader.


This is really a tough post for me to provide good answers.... I really like all of mine as all of them are great and members of the family....

The most accurate muzzleloader:
Probably in this order.... Remington 700ml, Omega after a couple of fixes, White U-Mag. The jury is still ou on the Triumph

The worst out of the box Muzzleloaders I do not want to bring up old wounds but by far the worst was a CVA Firebolt... (but I do not like the looks of the Encore)

My favorite Muzzleloader I think it still remains the Rem 700's if you are talking inlines and definitely Renegades if you are talking sidelocks....

All that said - I will keep all of my ML's as they are all in a class by themselves and I like em...
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Typical Buck
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Default RE: Most accurate, Worst, Favorite out of the box Muzzleloader.

45cal Disc Elite-Most accurate

Also VERY good accuracy obtained from CVA 45/50cal MagHunter, 45cal Kodiak, and 50cal Optima, and 50cal Wolf.

My favorite=
45cal Disc Elite...far and away Excellent!!
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Fork Horn
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Default RE: Most accurate, Worst, Favorite out of the box Muzzleloader.

I had an winchester X150 that would shoot anything I fed it into nice groups, but it was heavy

My Omega X7 is a sweeet little gun that shoots great & carries like a dream. It kicks like a mule on crack if I try to push 250 grain bullets too fast. So I stick with the 200 grain bullets

OT but my next ML is gonna be a .45 cal . Had to sell my last one to help heat the house this year[&o]
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mountaineer magic
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Default RE: Most accurate, Worst, Favorite out of the box Muzzleloader.

most accurate out of the box. Required the least effort to work up a load.. My Triumph

Favorite: My Lyman Great Plains Rifle 54 cal. This may change as I have other Caplocks now that I haven't shot yet. ( T/C Hawken with 4 different barrels,Gibbs,etc.) I am hoping that the Hawken with the sharpshooter barrel will be all I hope it to be. Then it will become my new favorite.

Worst: without a doubt my CVA Kodiak Pro 45 cal. Thanks to my first CVA, it will be my last.
And since MD54 will probably see this, yes I contacted CVA customer service at least 4 times and that experience was worse than the performance of the gun.
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mountaineer magic
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Default RE: Most accurate, Worst, Favorite out of the box Muzzleloader.

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Default RE: Most accurate, Worst, Favorite out of the box Muzzleloader.

I'm going to add my very limited $0.02 here. And I mean limited.... I've only owned two different muzzleloaders.

MOST ACCURATE: Definitely my Encore Endeavor. Being that the only othermuzzleloader I've ownedis a Remington Genesis.

FAVORITE: Encore Endeavor. Everything about it screams quality to me. I haven't fired a lot of other muzzleloaders but I have handled them and the Endeavor just feels better and the components look like they're made better. It has great balance and the trigger is awesome. Honestly, if I had a professional gunsmith offer to tweak this rifle for free, I would pass. Absolutely NO blowback due to the superior breech plug design and very accurate.

WORST: Remington Genesis. Not that it's a bad muzzleloader but I've only had two and one has to be the worst. The trigger needed tweaks to make it smooth and I did them myself. It had some blowback that would accumulate on the scope but not a whole lot. Pretty accurate but not as accurate as my favorite.

I'd really like to get a Knight some day and give it a go. But it's going to be a tall order to out-do my Endeavor. But I'll remain open minded.
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Default RE: Most accurate, Worst, Favorite out of the box Muzzleloader.

The most accurate muzzleloader out of the box would be my Thompson Center Black Diamond XR. I took it from the box, with open sights, and using their suggested load of 100 grains of Pyrodex RS and a 250 grain shockwave, shot such a tight group at 50 yards, I thought something had to be wrong. It is a boring rifle. A very close second would be my White Ultra Mag.

The worst out of the box Muzzleloader for mewas a CVATracker Carbine. I have yet to figure out what it truely likes. Also the trigger was garbage, I sent it back and finally on the third time back, they fixed it. Not that I do not have some good ideas, but I have not shot it enough to really learn all its quirks.

My favorite Muzzleloader is a Thompson Center Renegade in .54 caliber. Its fun to shoot, accurate, and by changing out barrels, the rifle can do anything.
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Fork Horn
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Default RE: Most accurate, Worst, Favorite out of the box Muzzleloader.

Most Accurate: My Disc Elite has a slight edge over my Omega.

Worst: None.. I can honestly say after owning 3 Knights, 2 T/C's and 2 Whites, that none disappointed me. Any problems were due to operator error.

Favorite: Currently my Elite...but someT/C Triumphand Endeavor owners have gotten my attention with some really good accuracy with BH209.
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Default RE: Most accurate, Worst, Favorite out of the box Muzzleloader.

Well my experience with inlines has been limited to 2 - a CVA Optima Pro when they first came out and a Remington Genesis. Of these 2 they were both comparable in accuracy with a slight edge to the Genesis.
Most of my muzzies are sidelocks and all are T/Cs. One Renegade and 5 Hawkens. I would say that my one 50 cal Hawken with the GM LRH barrel is probably the most accurate including the Genesis. The 45 cal Renegade and Hawken with GM barrels are a very close second.
My 'worst' shooting ML is my T/C Hawken flinter with the GM LRH carbine barrel. And even though I consider it the worst, it ain't bad and I carry it most of the time during PAs primitive season in Dec - Jan.
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