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Default elk hunt unit #7 Wyoming

I drew a tag for unit 7 wyoming. I am leaving labor day for a 10 day hunt. Has anyone hunted unit 7 public land? what should I expect. and what should i hold out for.
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Default RE: elk hunt unit #7 Wyoming

Lots of super high end bulls there. Have a local friend who shot one that netted 418 and change -- almost 440 gross. Got sheds from the area over 400. If you have time and are good this is the place to get a monster bull. Believe it or not my wife drew a tag for area 7. It will be taking a back seat to my son's sheep hunt though. It's going to be a busy year. I am also booked solid this year so no time during Oct. Best of luck to ya. If you find a big one stuck in a mud hole call me. lol
p.s. By the way the term "lots of high end bulls" that is meant relative. Not that you will be seeing a booner behind every tree. Lots of private land to contend with too.
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Default RE: elk hunt unit #7 Wyoming

In my opinion one of the top 3 areas for big bulls in the state. Know people that have pulled big bulls out of that area. You are lucky to have drawn it and it may turn in to a hunt of a lifetime for you. As turkeyward said above there are 400 class bulls running around in there.

Good luck. I have not had the chance to hunt it as I can't draw it.
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Default RE: elk hunt unit #7 Wyoming

Hey Pal, I'm a guide here in area 7, and have been for the last 3 years. There are some big nasty elk here, and I've had the privelege to see em, and have helped a handful of guys harvest em. I've seen some 400 class, but the biggest we've taken is up around 365-370. But my guys have missed some bigger. There's a ton of public land that holds a lot of big elk. I've been scouting and seeing them on public ground for the last two months. Just get your hands on a good map that shows the state, BLM, and walk in areas and get after it. The further in you walk, the better your chances. I was up on the mountain last night and there were quite a few guys already camping waiting for the opener on Monday morn. But I think by mid week there'll be a lot less pressure. Hope I've helped at least a little. Good luck! (I say all this clenching my teeth, this is my 3rd straight year of not drawing this tag!!)
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Default RE: elk hunt unit #7 Wyoming

How many years did it take you, nebowhunter? To draw? I assume you're from Nebraska?
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Default RE: elk hunt unit #7 Wyoming

this is first year I put in for this tag, but maxed on points. also spent the extra for special permit.
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Way to go nebo...i am leaving Sep 20 for the last week of season. Too busy to go right now..good luck..and leave one for me. I was 2 points and damn lucky...
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Originally Posted by woodsnwater View Post
Good luck! (I say all this clenching my teeth, this is my 3rd straight year of not drawing this tag!!)
I'll be glad when they get points for residents.

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Default So what's the Scoop?

I am putting in for Unit 7 in Wyoming next year. Were you successful? What did you learn? Was teh public access as bad as they say?
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