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Default RE: Entrance/Exit Wound Pictures

What do those deer eat down there? She looks kind of lean.No body fat?
There are a couple of reasons for that Chasam. She was taken from an area with miles of Pine tree plantation - no soybeans, corn or other agriculture around. Plus, while our deer typically develop some body fat along the top of the back and inside the body cavity along the backbone,they don't need a lot of fat to carry them through the winter like Northern deer do. They can move and feed throughout the winter. There's still a good bitof green in the woods around here- mostly yapon, greenbrier, common brier, honeysuckle, hardwood seedlings, etc.

Here's a picture of one of my small wheat/oat/clover food plots taken on 1/25/09.It's a littly blurry, but you can see the green.

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