Montana Whitetails'  Field Journal
Truly a bow hunters paradise managed for trophy whitetails since 1998. Bow hunt big bucks in early September over alfalfa or max your adrenaline with rut crazed Montana river bottom whitetails in November. Very limited pressure ensures a quality experience in which hunters should expect to see between 50-100 bucks during their weeks hunt with us. Our whitetail deer hunting is done from strategically placed tree stands, taking full advantage of bedding and feeding areas, wind direction, and travel corridors. Our success ratio with bows average above 65% with 100% shot opportunities on bucks.

Spring Work Week In Montana 2008 -05/29/2008
Day 1, Bill and I arrived in Bozeman around 12:15pm on the 17 th of April. The first priority was getting hooked up with our rental cars. We both got rentals because we each saved $100 on our fligh ...
Montana Whitetails 2007 Hunting Season -04/14/2008
Hello everyone, First I want to thank everyone who enjoyed a week of bow hunting here in Montana with us this year. These river bottom whitetail hunts are always a great experience and one of the ...
Wyoming Turkey - Montana Scouting Report -06/02/2007
Day one, April 30 th , started out here in Montana with me driving the rental from Bozeman airport to Gillette, Wyoming to visit with Doug Miller with Miller’s Outfitting for a Merriam turkey bow hun ...
25th Biennium Pope & Young Club Awards Convention -04/28/2007
The Pope & Young club has been processing and recording entries for North American big game taken in fair chase with a bow and arrow for more than four decades. These animals are not only recorde ...
A Hunting Season Ends In Montana -12/28/2006
A season ends here in Southwestern Montana, and what a great season it was as we harvested some good bucks - however twice as many got away! You see, we limit more than 10 miles of private riverbotto ...

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