Heartland Lodge's  Field Journal
Harpole's Heartland Lodge is known as one of the best whitetail deer hunting lodges in the country. Heartland's reputation precedes itself as one of the finest ever opened to the public. Pike County Illinois deer hunting is known for its abundance, and Heartland Lodge is located between the Mississippi and Illinois River drainages - the perfect habitat for large bucks.

Enjoy upland bird hunting at Heartland Lodge. Here you will find some of the best wild quail hunting and pheasant hunting in Illinois! Hunt for native bobwhite quail and pheasant behind some of the best German Shorthair Pointers and English Pointers in the country. An abundance of native prairie grasses mixed with fields of milo present habitat ideal for upland hunting. This Orvis endorsed wing shooting operation is one of the finest in the country.

Be sure to check our journal entries often as we will detail for you how our seasons unfold.

Summer Glassing -07/07/2008
With the heat of summer upon us many people forget about the importance of scouting for the upcoming fall.   This is the time of year when the bucks in your area are the most relaxed and th ...
The Trophy Hunter -05/20/2008
Every year some hunters make the transition from meat hunter to trophy hunter. After years of hunting whitetails, just tagging a deer doesn't seem to be enough anymore. The hunter begins looking for ...
Dirt Nap for the Old Long Beards -04/23/2008
Yelp, yelp, yelp, bang, that’s all it took. The 30 minute turkey hunter became one of our hunters new name tag. It took 20 minutes to walk in and set up, 9 minutes to sit quietly and yelp just 3 time ...
Spring is Almost Here -04/09/2008
Spring is almost here at Heartland Lodge, which in turn leads into turkey season. Cabin fever has definitely set in among the guides. They are biting at the bit to get back out into the woods and cha ...
Looking forward to the 2007 season -03/16/2007
The 2006 season was great at Harpole's Heartland Lodge . As we prepare for the 2007 hunting season, we look back on some of the hunts that took place at the lodge. Every one of the bucks harvested h ...

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