Matt Mickey's  Field Journal

Long-time HNI forum member and moderator Matt Mickey (Matt / PA) has always been an extremely avid bowhunter who cut his teeth as a 12-year-old kid hunting the heavily pressured whitetails in his home state of Pennsylvania many seasons ago. Not to be discouraged by a family which doesn’t have a single member who hunts or fishes, Matt somehow nurtured his passion for the outdoors into what it is today through being self-taught.

He is a former fly fishing guide who has fished on many of the west’s great rivers in such places as Montana, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, Idaho and Yellowstone Park as well as back east in his native PA and surrounding states. Bowhunting and archery in general are his passions, but he also enjoys most other forms of hunting as well. He has over 40 big-game animals to his credit with bow and arrow.

Recently Matt has taken his archery skills into the competitive arena of 3D competition. In only three years, he has an ASA National Pro/Am title, 3 IBO or ASA state titles, and several runner-up and top-three finishes in world, national and state-level competition to go along with a pocketful of local titles.

As if competitive 3D archery wasn’t enough of a challenge, he has recently extended his interest into “traditional” archery where he is applying that same natural ability to stick and string in a quest to take his first big-game animal “the old fashioned way.” Combined with his long-time commitment to cutting-edge archery technology as a Corporate Pro-Staff member with Bowtech Archery and various other archery manufacturers, the three disciplines of modern bowhunting, target, and traditional archery together now make Matt one of the most well-rounded and informative archers on HNI.

In spite of his extensive outdoor resume, Matt is just a down-to-earth “everyday” bowhunter like the majority of our visitors and members. He enjoys nothing more than sitting 20 foot up a tree, taking in the sights and sounds of another bow season with good friends to share in the experience along the way. His journal will be a collage of outdoor experiences revolving mainly around his bowhunting and archery pursuits, but with a sprinkle of variety reflecting his interest and talents in all corners of his hunting lifestyle.

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