Christine Appleberg's  Field Journal
Dividing her time between deer hunting, trapping, upland hunting, and residing as the President of the Illinois Bowfishers, Christine certainly has her hands full.  Join this energetic member of the HuntingNet team across Illinois in search of trophy game of all species.

Pay to Play in IL -01/09/2009
As can be noted in the current news, not much gets done politically in Illinois without somebody’s pocket getting lined. Unfortunately for IL deer hunters, it’s pretty much pay to play now too. On ...
A look back at '07 -01/04/2008
Here's a fond farewell to the past year. 2007 was an extremely busy year for me. It seemed like every weekend was a new adventure. I certainly racked up some memorable experiences and nearly fund ...
Summer Fun -09/06/2007
In honor of the now past summer of 2005, I thought I'd review some of the activities that kept me busy this past season. An annual tradition of mine is to attend the National Trappers Associati ...
Bowfishing Tournaments: More Popular Than Ever! -07/21/2006
Bowfishing is one of the fastest growing archery sports today. There are good reasons why. It’s one of the most encompassing outdoors sports you’ll find. Old or new, if it will fling an arrow, it ...
Bowfishing, It's Saving Your Bass! -05/08/2006
Thursday, May 4th  2006 Thursday morning found me out at the boat launch of Evergreen Lake in Mclean County Illinois.   It was bass stocking day.  Before the bass were to be released they needed t ...
Trailblazin' -10/26/2005
I was already awake when the alarm's buzzer went off in the early morning hours of Oct 1st. It was the opening day of Illinois' archery deer season. The weather was a near perfect cool and crisp as ...

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