Jeff Aulik's  Field Journal
Jeff is a Wisconsin native with a passion for archery and bowhunting. He has over three decades of bowhunting experience, and was a professional tournament archer for a number of years, first with Xi bows and then with Mathews.

Jeff has taken numerous Pope and Young whitetails and mule deer, elk, and a Boone and Crocket black bear with archery tackle. He has hunted many states and Canadian provinces. He enjoys the challenge of the chess match of finding and outwitting mature animals.

Jeff also owned and operated an archery pro shop for a number of years in the 90's. During that time he was always modifying and inventing equipment to improve upon its design. In 1996 he swapped some parts on 2 different Xi bows and took the hybrid to the IBO indoor nationals in Shelbyville IL, and won the tournament. Jeff's hybrid bow ended up becoming the Velocity Extreme as a new release in Xi's 1997 bowline.

When dropaway rests were making a comeback in the late 90’s, Jeff modified his Schaffer rest into a true drop away, and then modified hundreds of them for his customers until Schaffer started offering the drop kit for his rests.

“I’m always looking for ways to improve designs to fit my own personal needs” says Jeff.

His most recent invention is the popular “Wolf Jaws” bowholder sold by Lone Wolf Portable Treestands. It allows the newer designs of todays compounds to fit into the built-in bowholder of their stands.

In 2001 Jeff decided to get involved in the hunting clothing industry when he purchased Gray Wolf Woolens and began designing and producing quality custom made hunting clothing. He designed his own camouflage pattern called Intrusion camo which he offers in his popular Wolfskin material.

Jeff enjoys all aspects of the hunt including shed hunting, scouting, trail cams, and utilizing GPS and mapping programs to find new prospects.

His experience and knowledge in archery and bowhunting make him a welcome member to our Field Journal community.

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