Jeff Venable's  Field Journal

My name is Jeff Venable….and I live in NW North Carolina. I’m a 40-something (42 in 2006) year old, married to a beautiful lady who’s the mother of our wonderful son, Mitch.

My background, hunting-wise, is that of a former waterfowler turned bowhunting fanatic. My hunting interests, today, are of whitetail deer and turkeys, having taken both species in my short bowhunting journey. I’m also a “trainee” of sorts in the ideology of deer management. In my forthcoming journals, I hope to touch on how my pursuits will vary from year to year, based on the needs of the herd I hunt. My hope is to document my seasons: …. from the perspective of a relative newcomer to this passion….from the perspective of herd management….and from what we can do to make life better for our pursuits, our quarry, and our fellow hunters.

Come along for the ride!

Learning your newly acquired hunting land -02/02/2009
As avid whitetail hunters, we’re often faced (and what a blessing it is!) with learning the lay of new hunting grounds.   Our new grounds may be two tracts over or they may be many miles away. ...
My ’08 NC General Deer Season……’Year in Review’ -01/08/2009
I entered into the 2008 NC deer season chock full of eagerness to learn the new hunting land I had acquired.   After hunting the same grounds for 2 seasons, I was ready for the new challenge. ...
Two Bucks...From Field To Wall -02/28/2008
I first purchased a gamecam in the Spring of ’06. I was interested in learning what the woods I hunted held and I couldn’t think of a better way to learn of this while at the same time doing so in an ...
2007 – The Year in Review -02/26/2008
The deer season of 2007 was going to be different, for me. It was my first attempt to manage the herd I hunt. Through ongoing conversations with Chris Kreh (Wildlife Biologist – North Carolina Wildl ...
Just Shootin’ the Bull -11/14/2007
When I began bowhunting, in 2005, I had a wonderful morning on stand, one morning in which I’d witnessed 4 different bucks work a scrape I was hunting over. I was exhausted, and I was contemplating ...
My NC October, at a Glance… -11/14/2007
It’s hard to believe that a season I look forward to all year is halfway over. We practice, study our herds, maintain our gear and spirits all year….even endure when “pesky” things like work get in o ...
The Lord will Provide (I’m just the middle-man) -10/18/2007
Part of the way through my second bowhunting season (after being blanked in my inaugural year), I realized something. If I were to be as successful as I wanted to be…..I’d either have to gain some we ...
Living the Emotions of Deer Hunting -10/18/2007
My hunting month of September is “in the books”, as they say.  What a beginning!  I’ve learned a LOT about myself…..a lot about the herd I hunt….and a lot about hunting in the past 22 days. ...

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