Tyler Tisue's  Field Journal

Tyler Tisue started deer hunting with his father when he was 14 years old. He took his first buck with his dad right next to him in the stand. It was a real nice 8 pointer that trophy dreams were made of to a young hunter. It was that primal instinct of thrill and excitement that drove him to want to understand how to become a better, quality deer hunter. 

After spending time as a guide for an Iowa outfitter Tyler took the knowledge he learned from that year, along with his own experiences in the field and has dedicated himself to becoming a trophy whitetail hunter.  With 10 bucks over 150" to his credit, Tyler has set his sights on mature deer only and would rather eat his tag than shoot a young deer, even on film.  This dedication and willingness to give it his all makes Tyler the perfect fit for the White Knuckle Productions and HuntingNet.com Teams.

A Buck Named Mr. T -11/14/2007
During the summer this year I was bound and determined to find a great buck to hunt so I spent countless hours scouring the countryside in search for a buck worthwhile. One day in August I was dredgi ...
For Sam -10/25/2007
It’s not very often that a person gets the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Well that opportunity happened to me the weekend of September 29-30 when I had the privilege of taking a ...
The More I Learn About Deer the Less I Really Know -10/22/2007
“The more I learn about deer the less I really know.” This is a motto I have repeated many times to myself and others because that mature whitetail buck can humble you real quick. Just when you think ...

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