Andy Martel's  Field Journal

Most hunters have one specialty that sets them apart in the hunting community. However, Andy Martel sets himself apart by dabbling in just about everything outdoors. Born and raised in the mountains of Virginia before moving closer to the Chesapeake Bay in his middle childhood, Andy Martel followed his father along trout streams, trap lines, deer trails and into grouse cover long before he ever started a formal education.

Power Hen Turkey Call Review -02/25/2009
I am not what you would typically consider an 'easy sell' when it comes to new products.  Moreover, I am even more stubborn with my regards to new takes and new spins on long standing prod ...
Hunting with Blackcloud -10/03/2007
 If I would have taken a pillow with me, I suspect I would have had wonderful dreams that gorgeous September afternoon.   Sprawled out in a green peanut field on the boarders of Isle of Wi ...
Trying Too Hard -09/10/2007
The south breeze coming over the sunflowers didn’t make it quite feel like 98 degrees.The wind danced along the tops of the low-grazed soybeans, making them ripple and flash like the cattle ponds tha ...

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